Blast and Cruise

Hello, I am currently lookng into the Blast and Cruise method of aas use and wanted to get some info and some direction on where i could start some research. I am 5’11’’ 218lbs 13-14% BF/ Serious bodybuilding training for 4 yrs. About a year ago I discovered I have primary hypogonadism which make me a trt lifer; I was lucky enough to find a doc who understood and got a good trt program goin, we r still tweaking but I think we are nearly to the optimum dose for the baseline.
(TRT T cream 300mg ED (6 clicks on the applicator)(200mgs/ml 20% strength cream) 24.75 mcg Liothyonine and 1200ius of HCG 2x per wk. Getting a good base line is one thing but i want to get more results being of the bodybuilding ideal…Having primary hypogonad I figure why not use it to my advantage and be able to blast and cruise without having to worry about pct…
Dont bite my head offf for not having a plan lol I just would like some direction to go in or some tips from someone in my same situation.
I have heard of ppl supplementing Test Cyp on top of there TRT baseline…

FOrgive me if this question is in the wrong place but I posted first in the steroid forums and was told to go here…did not think this was the right place because my question is more of a supplemental nature.

2400iu of HCG a week is a lot…you are potentially at risk of burning out your leydig cells. The normal recommended dose is 250iu EOD, many guys do less than that and still get the desired results.

Yeah, that was going to be my first response was that 1200iu of hcg is way too much. Drop down to 250iu, maybe 3x/week. That is working well for me. Before you start blasting and cruising, I would recommend getting your protocol dialed in perfectly before you go jacking around with it. I know several guys who do just that, but they have their cruise dialed in. It can take almost a year to get it dialed in perfectly, backed up by bloodwork. I would also recommend getting on injections rather than cream.

well ok got a blood test the other day and will confront the doc on the hcg…as fot the blast i was thinking of 250mg test prop or cyp and 500 tren ace…(I was a little hesitant about the tren because of its serious nature but I read an ffb responds well to it because of the lack of water retention. Still i little nervous about the sides and alos need to iron out the the cycle plan b4 getting started…any input would be greatl appreciated…any ancilaries that i might need and liver protects?

Was also debating on shooting cyp or prop on top of my cream base dose