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Blast and Cruise

So heres the deal, 6 weeks into my cycle now and my gains are amazing, but starting to stall. I’m worried about coming off at week 10 as I had decided and go through the “two steps forward one step back” as my natural test levels are low normal (411). I’m worried I may be 2 steps forward, 1 1/2 steps back.

Currently I’m up 25+ pounds off of 400 test e & 150 deca weekly and 40 napo daily week 2-4 (cut it shorter than i thought because pump hurt calves when doing cardio). I want to maintain as much of this as possible, and I dont see that happening if I come off to my piss poor test levels. I’m thinking blast and cruise 6 weeks on/6 weeks off.

Cruising at test e 150 a week, 1 injection on sunday, getting levels checked via personal testing around weeks 3-4 once things have really cleared up. I will run a-dex .25mg eod to combat any estrogen possible estrogen issues and up it if problems arise.

I will start to taper my training and eating down slightly the first two weeks of the cruise as test levels will be tapering down as well. I then plan on spending the next 4 weeks on a less intense training with added cardio and less carbs to “prime” for the next cycle, similar to whats outlined here forums.musculardevelopment.com/showthread.php?t=3003. My current stash will let me do this til new years, so I’m hoping my attempts to contact a long lost uncle will work. Please comment, maybe I missed something?

you will never be able to come off test.

No other comments? Anyone think injecting the test e 2x a week in smaller doses may be better? I’d like to get some cyp and be comfortable with doing 1x a week, but until then do you think the e will be good at once a week?

[quote] Brook wrote:
you will never be able to come off test.[/quote]

agreed. but would be nice if you can elaborate for us peons :).

even so, grats on the 25+ lbs,

do you mean your test levels are low now when your on cycle?

or they are always low?

Always low. He asked this on his other thread and I’m going to ask it again

If someone has low natural test levels would it be better to fully recover(and subsequently go back to low-normal) or do some form of blast cruise indefinitely if it’s in the persons means?

[quote]Scott M wrote:
Always low. He asked this on his other thread and I’m going to ask it again

If someone has low natural test levels would it be better to fully recover(and subsequently go back to low-normal) or do some form of blast cruise indefinitely if it’s in the persons means?[/quote]

This is exactly where I’m at. My test levels naturally were tested at 411. Not clinically low, but damn low, especially for someone 23 years of age. I also have symptoms of low test which have gone away since being on cycle. I feel that even if I do “recover” to natural test levels, they are so much on the low end that even if recovery goes smooth my body comp will suffer and I will be back to square one with maybe a little of my gains kept but all my symptoms returning. No doctor will put someone with low normal test on HRT (but if there is Id like to meet them), so I feel a blast and cruise approach would work best in my situation. I would love to stay on for life if it means I remain feeling like I should and maintain gains made.

I personally think it is not wise to blast and cruise until you have a natural level that is affecting your life, not just your gains in the gym.

There are a whole host of health problems that come from long term test’rone use, and it is not a thing that should be considered lightly.

I think that if one CAN recover and ‘get wood’ and be relatively ‘normal’ inbetween cycles, then he should for as long as possible until the time for blast and cruise comes (and it almost always does come).

Then doctors supervision is absolutely vital to keep checks on the prostate (mm… finger fun!), one’s BP, Cholesterol, etc etc…

Not to mention that once you go onto trt or Blast and cruise, then it is highly unlikely you will come off. You will need to make that inject every week.

Just my 2p


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fuck me!

23 and your test is low?
Did you speak to your doc about this?
Or did you just self prescribe?

If you see a doc and maybe they can see why it is normally low.

I mean when not on the gear can you still get an erection? and maintain it? and cum?

I had my test checked because I felt some of my symptoms (very low energy despite sleeping 8-10 hours, difficulty maintaining low bf % and muscle mass despite good diet and training, hard time focusing). I actually went with the symptoms looking for a problem and was tested for low testosterone and a thyroid panel. Thyroid came up “normal” even though my TSH was borderline below normal, but that does not signify hypothyroidism in most cases.

Test was “low normal”, meaning in range but still low. I tested 411 all while squatting and d/l ing heavy, eating good, taking ZMA, sleeping 8-9 hours a night etc. I think this is about as high as my test would get naturally. I imagine if I did one of the crash no carb, no sleep, lots of booze tricks I could get my test down to clinically “low” but I dont want to do that to my body.

Since self medicating with test I feel amazing.
Focus is much better, social life better, schools better, overall better feeling of well being, much more energy with less of a need for sleep. I dont want to feel shitty like before. I’m happy with my body composition for the first time, and I feel good for the first time ever.

People get medication for everything and anything, why is this relatively harmless drug that helps me feel better in life so shunned by doctors.
Speaking of doctors, how would I go about being screened regulary for testosterone related health problems without having it screw me with health insurance and life insurance.

I hope you don’t mind me piggy backing on your thread bigsquirrel but I feel we are in similar situations.

I tested at 281(retested very close to the same) with a 262-1500 range and was told nothing could be done. If I’m going to go “on” I don’t particularly want to come back off totally if it means the same symptoms of low test are all that awaits me that led me to seek treatment in the first place. My plan was Dante/DC style blasting and cruising…

Something like 6-8 weeks on… 2 week cruise(with HRT 150-200 mg levels and methods to keep as much of my natural production as possible going during this down time) back on if I choose or stay cruising at low HRT dosages till I’m ready to blast again.

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Altered it’s not my research that shows that but the guy I’m following and have a lot of faith in (Doggcrapp) that believes there will be at least SOME signals sent even with exo test still in the system. I know according to most of the studies out there it shouldn’t work but I’ve never seen someone trained by him complain about being F’ed up when they come off.

I guess the question is if you have two twins and one runs

500 mg test for 6+ months and every 8 weeks does 150 mg test for 2 weeks and then back on…

would he recover as well as a guy who did

500 mg test for 8 weeks and then 2 weeks at 150 mg test+clomid nolva adex and then back on

if both eventually came off after say 6-12 months of this blast and cruise style. There aren’t really studies around for that I would imagine so I put some trust in guys who have tried it themselves and with others.


This is a thread a few years back where Dante argued/tried to back up his ideas on another board. The key that they are missing is he’s just trying to keep things as normal as possible given the scenario… of course the best thing would be to come off(or never go on I guess) but if someone wanted to stay on be it for HRT or advanced bodybuilding purposes… what is the best way to go about it. Read it from that context please.

Tonights my last “on cycle” injection. Cruise begins Sunday, I’ll let everyone know how I fair.

Hey man I’m not trying to say what your doing is wrong, but did you think to ask your doc about something?
I mean you dont wanna use juice and then have to stay on it for ever!

Did you try other stuff like Alpha Male or snything to see if that does anything?

Look up this aussie product and give it a try mate it is called ‘Male Fule’ by the company called Gentec, I know guys have used that and bought their naturally low levels up and even got their wife pregnant after years of tryin.

And for the record I dont own or have anything to do with the company, the guy who owns it won muscle mania or something Nick Jones.

Just check it out and give it a try man its pretty cheap.

Best to try everything else before going on test for ever.

So two weeks into my “bridging” (I decided this is a much more appropriate term as my current cycle was longer, and a blast and cruise would be more shorter cycles with shorter esthers), I’m feeling fine. I assume I still have plenty of tes floating around from previous larger injections as gains have continued.

I decided on 100mg test-e every 4 days, and will be waiting about another 7 weeks til I go back on test 5-600wk, deca 300wk, dbol 40day. I then will roll another bridge and then look to incorporate some new compounds on the next cycle, but will continue to bridge with test.

The once thing that has changed in the last few weeks is I am much less bloated and “moonfaced” looking. I was very puffy, and now I look alot harder, and slightly smaller, but my weight is barely down any and may be due to a slight decrease in food intake.

BigSquirrel I am interested in seeing how your plan goes for you… keep this updated every once in a while if you don’t mind.

I will stay on top of it. I just got home from the gym. I have changed my training from a 5 day split (chest, back, shoulders/traps, arms, legs) to 3 day (chest/shoulder/tri, legs, back/bi’s). I have decreased volume to account for having less “help” and to keep from overtraining.

I do 2 excercises per body part, with 2 working sets per excercise and try and stay in the 10-15 rep range. I have continued to PR on most lifts, although I havent gained any significant weight in the last couple weeks, I feel I havent lost any size. Scott, feel free to PM me if you want to dicsuss anything as we both sit in similar situations.