Blast and Cruise Without My Doctor Knowing

Hello y’all,

This is my first time posting I think. I have been on TRT for 8 months. I use 200mg Cyp. .5ml IM 2x per week.

My 10 week blood work had me at 1300 T and 78 Estradiol. My pre treatment lab work I was at 220ng/dl T and normal Estradiol. Never used anything before.

195 lbs
15% BF

I have Arimidex on hand but don’t use anymore, because I feel better without it and I have leaned out a lot since starting.

My question: I have mandatory lab work in May. I would like to do an 8 wk blast at 300mg per week (3 shots). Then reduce to 160-180mg for TRT/cruise. Could I pull this off without my doctor knowing in that time frame?

I just switched from online clinic to my Primary Care for my prescription.

You’re prob cutting it close. You may want to wait until after or use short ester test. IMO though going from 200 to 300 prob won’t make too much difference. I’d prob go a bit higher.


I’m not opposed to 400mg, but I lack the supply and can’t eat enough to utilize that much properly! Also, my Estradiol showed high on my 10 week (I was a bit fat and still working on diet/supps) so definitely don’t want to push it too far until I know that is under control

Is 78 high in your opinion? Seems logical that estrogen would go up with the T. I have not had sensitive nips or excessive water. Just a pimple here and there on chest n shoulders.

If you can’t eat to grow than i see no point in doing anything more than you are now.

Whats the range? I’ve been much higher and felt fine.

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Thank you for responding! I am growing, but I have mostly been cutting since starting TRT. My arms, chest, shoulders have all grown noticeably while the scale has gone down from 212 to 195. I could eat more if I need to, but I would like to keep adding mass without increasing my BF much.

Reference range on my labs is 7.6 -42.6 for estradiol. Mine was actually 72.5. Day of injection before injection about 9am. T was 1339.

I did have slightly elevated blood pressure, night sweats, water retention for the first few months, but all that has cleared up now.

Yeah, I agree here. Only going up 100 mg per week is just not going to do much unless it is done for a long period of time.

Ok, so 300 isn’t really a “blast” then I guess haha. I am going to reduce my TRT to 180mg till after bloods and go from there. Maybe a longer cycle of 300 or 8-10 weeks at 400.

Thanks for the advice yall.

Just my .02 here…

going from 200 to 300mg/wk you won’t even notice anything, strength or size wise. Also, if you need your TT on your bloodwork to come back within the “standard” range, my advice is (if you say were doing a big blast of running like 500mg/wk[which is what I’d advise, minimum] for each of your last two weeks shots, take NO MORE than 100mg, or 1/2mL, each week. then be sure to go and give blood in your trough, or at least 6-7 days after your last injection.
That will all but guarantee that your TT will come back within normal range and keep ur doc happy. Most docs, mine included, get a little concerned when ur TT comes back at like 1,000 or more. And so while I’m luckily prescribed 200mg/wk (yeah yeah I know its not trt its tot), before i do my required bloodwork i make sure to adjust my dose DOWN so that my TT always comes back within the “normal” range.

I’d advise you do the same! Unless you want ur doc to maybe consider backing ur dosage off! Terrifying thought…


Yes, getting my dose reduced is my primary concern so thanks for the advice about how to drop TT for my bloodwork. So an additional .5 ml per week won’t really do much?

I can get reputable UG stuff, but I get it cheaper from the pharmacy! So definitely trying to keep my script coming.

yeah, general consensus around here (to which I also tend to agree) is that for a “blast” (or as us older folks call it, a cycle) of test should generally be 500mg/wk minimum. Personally, I’m much bigger and would do 750mg/wk minimum, but I’m 5’11 295. But for me, my competition days are over so I’m rarely if ever cycling anything besides my dr. prescribed test cyp. I’m fine with that, I’m big enough as it is.

You need about 5 half lives for that to come back down to normal. So 5 weeks roughly. If your CBC goes up, that’ll take longer to come down.

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swoops I’d appreciate your input on my scenario…

Current TRT is 180mg a week, would like to do a 12 week cycle of 400mg with anavar the back end 6 weeks.

Would 8 weeks of going back on normal TRT dose get me back close enough to normal levels?

Yes. Your lipids might still be worse because of the Anavar, and your SHBG might still be low from that as well, but you would have cleared the excess T by then (likely in only a few weeks if going from 400 to 180).


IME, it takes two weeks for my SHBG to rebound, and for my lipids to not look like trash anymore. May be different for everyone