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Blast and Cruise with TRT, AI/HCG Questions

I recently started my TRT protocol which the doc has me on 100mg of test which I split into two shots a week along with HCG @ 250ius twice a week as well. Been on this for almost a year now and I must say I’m feeling ok… Not great or amazing just ok. When I use to cycle at 500mg of test e a week I was feeling much better… Assuming the larger amounts of test in my system? Recently went to go see the doc and he was saying my E levels were too low and that we might possibly have to increase my T dosage so not sure if that will help me feel better seeing how I could be on too little of a dose?? Once that’s all sorted out I’d like to ramp up my dosage and blast at 500mg a week. With that dosage would I need an AI? I never had any gyno issues but I did start to lose my sex drive while on 500mg a week for over 12 weeks and I’m assuming it was due to my estrogen… So basically I want to know what I would need in order to run the blast and once I decide to drop it back down can I just go back to my regular TRT dosage?? Also do I need to be on HCG because it’s not covered under my benifits and it’s crazy expensive. . I was told I need to be on it to preserve my fertility but I was under the impression I could just start it when I’m planning on having kids which isnt for a long time… @physioLojik

TRT protocols should be based off SHBG levels and do to fluctuation in levels could be why you feel better on larger doses since when levels fluctuate you are still high enough on trough to not be affected.

My SHBG is 22 and if I were to inject twice weekly I would see big fluctuations in levels and would feel mediocre, however injecting smaller doses EOD and my levels are so stable, fluctuations are virtually eliminated as levels are almost static.

Some guys feel fluctuation more than others and I think that is why you feel great on higher levels, because your lowest point is still rather high in the ranges.

You can achieve higher more stable levels with less testosterone all while keeping estrogen lower as you have less testosterone in your system in a given week.

FSH injections is much more effective than HCG in increasing sperm. A lot of insurance companies don’t cover HCG to do crazy prices at non-compounding pharmacies. I have seen HCG going for $800 which is robbery. It’s only about $75 at Empower pharmacy and FSH around $300.

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That is my experience as well. If I recall correctly, I paid $142 for 3 1/2 months supply of hCG.

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Appreciate the response. Went to go fill my subscription and apparently the manufacturer is on back order for the HCG… Need to get in contact with my Doc to see what else they can subscribe me instead but as far as the HCG goes it is neccessary for me to be on it NOW even though I’m not trying to have kids at this point in my life? Can’t I just start taking it when I decide to have little ones.