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Blast and Cruise vs PCT

Hi fellas,

Wanted to get an opinion of the more advanced users in regards to Blast and cruise vs pct.

I am someone who ran 2 cycles about 2 years ago and has been natty since. Recently going to hop back on, planning to do two 2 cycles this year hence forth traditionally thinking of 2 PCT’S.

However thinking about B AND C instead considering 2 PCT”S in a year might be worse for health compared to B AND C cursing at 125mg or something. What do you guys think?

Stats: 6ft 230lbs 24yo

I don’t think I would like to come off after a year of relying on exogenous test…
Are you prepared for that?

Do you have any labwork? Is it possible that after cycling for years you’d be on the lower end naturally and would qualify for TRT? Then you could B&C all you want

Hey mate, my last blood work was a year ago and I was in the middle of not lower-upper bracket.

Also I have only ran 2 cycles and followed PCT both of them so I’m pretty sure my natural test is doing pretty good…

It’s just I want to run 2 cycles this year and I’m not sure how hectic doing to 2 PCT’S to our bodies is

I think it would be extremely hard but I would be able to come off for about 4 months then get my blood work - if all is well then go back on…

No more hectic than B&C. You’re 24 man… try to keep yourself functioning.