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Blast and Cruise TRT- BigswoleKA


As of June 2011 I have been on doctor prescribed TRT. At 26 years old my levels came back under 250. My doctor gave me test cypionate but would not write the RX for HCG or an anti-e. I was doing 200mg per week and barely noticed a difference. I then came up with a new plan. I will basically alternate 12 weeks of 500mg per week with 12 weeks of 100mg per week, year round. Does anyone notice any serious flaws with this? Do I need to add HCG or an anti-e to either phase of this permanent cycle? Since dosing the 500mg per week I've been gaining muscle while losing fat, energy levels are through the roof, strength is up, and my wife cannot keep me away from her! I am open to any comments or suggestions.


Eventually your E2 will rise and you will lose the feeling you have currently. Symptoms from high E2 are not pleasant. Your best bet is to take a TRT dose long enough to get your test level in the high-normal range, while testing and controlling E2 with an AI to keep it in the low 20's. This sometimes takes a few months to over a year. If you don't do this you will never know the proper dose of AI to keep you in the right range. If you chose to blast at some point after that, that is your choice, but realize that your E2 will most likely rise during the cycle if you don't adjust your AI accordingly, and RBC can get out of control as well on longer cycles of high test. At least then, after your blast, you can return to your TRT levels and know everything is in order.


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OP: There are many blast and cruise threads on here--yours is not a unique situation...check out the search function to find them...You will almost certainly need an AI at 500 mg/week...I recommend HCG for all people who choose to cycle AAS at higher than TRT doses in order to preserve whatever testicular function you have left and make recovery either (though the latter is not applicable for you since you are on TRT anyway)


I've used the search and have only found one guy who already needed TRT that was discussing blast and cruise. If there are more then I apologize for not searching more thoroughly. So what about this?

Blast- 500mg Test cypionate per week, 250iu hCG SC EOD, 1.0mg Arimidex/anastrozole per week

Cruise- 100mg test cypionate per week

Does the cruise need ancillaries?


Also, is anastrozole the absolute ideal anti-e or would something like tamoxifen work just as well?


I'm no expert by any means but is that correct on the Adex doseage?? 1mg per week seems pretty low.


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1mg/week of Adex is more like what most guys need for TRT doses of test. Some guys (like myself) need more, and some guys are over-responders and need less. The only way to know for sure is to take the time to get your levels checked/adjusted/checked, etc. until they are right. Please see my previous post. If you jump right into blasting and crusing you may never get your E2 right, and you will be setting yourself up for a lifetime of E2 hell.


I've asked my doc about various tests and all he is willing to check are liver enzymes and total testosterone. Is there an alternate source for testing that anyone here can recommend? I don't want to just Google and guess who's reliable.




I want to thank everyone for answering my questions. I know it can be frustrating dealing with people when they are new to whatever subject is in question. I'll keep everyone updated on how things are going with the TRT.


I've been drawing with a 22 gauge and switching to a 1 inch 27 gauge that I ordered online to inject. This past time when I called in my RX I got the pharmacy to include my syringes and needles in the bag. I didn't realize until I got home that the 27 gauge are 1/2 inch. What happens if you inject test subcutaneously? Am I fine with this or do I need to order some more 1 inch?


Bump my above question.

Also, if I use arimidex to get my E2 in the low 20's, will this negatively affect my cholesterol levels? I'm basically wondering what is the optimal E2 range for optimal cholesterol levels?


I believe the optimal E2 level is 25.


I use half inch 30 gauge insulin pins for my TRT and have no issues...I inject into very lean areas such as deltoids and quads...

Test can also be injected subcutaneously and many take their TRT this way, though I'm not clear what the exact ramifications are...it may hold itself in depot longer while the esters clear, which wouldn't really be a bad thing for TRT but would be bad for shorter cycles with longer esters...

You want your E2 between 20-30 (for most people)...it would be very smart to dial in your TRT before using AAS


Had my bi-annual blood work done and this is the first time they have actually mailed me the results. I took off TRT completely during Jan, Feb, and March. This blood was taken the last week of March. Any comments are appreciated.

Serum Albumin- 4.8 out of (3.6-5.0)
Serum Protein Total- 6.9 out of (6.3-8.2)
Serum Bilirubin Total- 1.0 out of (0.2-1.3)
Serum Bilirubin Direct- 0.2 out of (0.0-0.3)
Serum Alkaline Phosphate- 38 out of (38-126)
Serum AST- 51 out of (17-59)
Serum ALT- 70 out of (21-72)

HGB- 16.5 out of (13.5-17.5)
HCT- 46.7 out of (41.0 to 53.0)

Total Testosterone- 543 out of (262-1593)
*This is with 3 months off of TRT. However, it's twice the total I was originally tested with.


I have switched TRT groups and I was wondering if I can mention the company. It's all legal and prescribed by a doctor.


Yes you can mention manufacturer just not your doc/source.


How long does it take to "notice" HCG working? I know with Test it can take up to 4 weeks to build up your blood levels enough to feel a difference. Does HCG take time to build up as well?


This is the protocol that my current TRT group has me on:

Test Cypionate- 210mg 2x per week
Anastrozol- 1.5mg 2x per week
HCG- 500 IU 2x per week

We are also doing 25mg cytomel per day for low thyroid.