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Blast and Cruise Protocol

Already on HRT for super low T. Not sure of pathology, have a good idea, but my numbers without T are free T at 211.

Currently doing,

T (subq) = 50mg every 3 days
HCG (subq) = 500iu’s every three days
ADX (PO) = 0.5 MG every three days.

So, what exactly does the b/c protocol look like?

T =

Fill in the blanks. thanks

Proportionally More

You speak as if there is a single way to blast and cruise. There certainly is not.

Propose a plan and it can be critiqued. Like any other cycle.

Roger that.

My basic HRT protocol is fine, but I have read so much positive on this Blast and Cruise, I am dizzy with anecdoatal info and interested to try it out.

As you know, it is a balance to get the lab numbers right. Before I step up, if I do, I need to have a plan on dosing.

T = 100 MG every three days ?
HCG = 500ius every three days ?
ADX = 0.5 mg every OTHER day ?

propecia for the back ace ?


Why not run a standard course of 500mg/wk of test + necessary amount of AI + hCG.

Blasting and cruising is virtually identical to running cycles. Except that you dont do PCT.

Bonez (or anybody with specific knoweldge or experience with this),

Cool. Now what do I run with ADX and HCG?

5 mg a week of adx borken up over 6-7 days? Moobs / increased E2 is no good!.

HCG dose? I dont like the boys disappearing! They went MIA once. That was no good.

I can do this for 8 weeks and back to normal prorotcol for 8 weeks and go back and forth, correct?

Got some acne antibiotics on hand.

I would say about 1mg of adex per week. .25mg EOD is standard.

Keep the hcg the same whether it is blast or cruise. 500iu E3d is a lot in my opinion. I have had great results with 250iu E3d… but if this is what your doctor prescribes then follow his guidance.

There are numerous ways to blast/cruise. I know some guys who just always keep the test at a maintenance dose and then add 4 weeks of orals, then 4 weeks off, and repeat. Other guys do the same with prop, ect…
Others will blast for 8-12 weeks with long esters.

Personally I plan it around my meets. about 10 weeks out from big meets I bump my test up, sometimes add another injectable compound (tren, EQ, ect) and/or an oral for the last 4-6 weeks. Then I go down to 250mg test/week again until 10 weeks out from my next meet.

[quote]hormonal wrote:
Now what do I run with ADX and HCG?


I dont know what this means.

BigSkwatta blasts and cruises, his post is good.


The question should read;

If I bump up on my T, how will my dosing be for HCG and ADX?

Example -

T dose = 200mg every three days

HCG dose = ??? every three days

ADX = ??? every three days or?

Forgive my stupidy and thanks for your help.

HCG doesnt need to change.

adex - you can start with .5mg EOD but may need more. Adjust if necessary.