Blast and Cruise: Less Response/Gains Over Time?

This question is geared more towards those who blast and cruise…

I’ve been blasting and cruising (cruise for me is 250 a week or at times 250 every two weeks) for 7 years now.

My first cycle was 500mg test for 12 weeks. Worked really well.

Second cycle was 500 test 12 weeks and 20mg dbol for 8 weeks. Worked really well.

Third cycle was 500 test and 250 EQ for 12 weeks. It was good strength increase.

Next was 750 test 250 deca for 14 weeks and that went really well.

However I’ve run similar cycles to the last one including cycles with dbol and anadrol and no noticeable difference. Last cycle I ran was 500 test 500 EQ for 10 weeks and noticed no difference.

Any of you guys who’ve been doing this for a while find your response dwindling? Any info would be helpful.

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Yes for sure. I’ve experienced the same thing. Test only worked for a couple blasts and now it barely moves the scales. I’m also trying EQ with test this time and so far i’m at week 10 with not much in reward. Last thing that worked well for me was Deca but I had bad sides.

Thanks for the reply.

How old are you? Gear is a wonderful thing and I will never get off but I think guys fall into this trap that gains in size and strength are linear and progressive and I just don’t believe its true. Otherwise we’d all be fucking huge and strong and that’s just not the case.

My changes are coming very slowly now at 54 years old. It took a force of will to get over 200 lbs but now its my new setpoint. I’d love to be bigger but I’m happy to settle for lean and muscular, which at my age, puts me in the 90th percentile.


I’m 43.

I’ve seen quite a bit of size and strength but it has tapered off to no noticeable difference.

I will always be on test. However after the past few cycles I’m questioning the risk/reward factor along with the added $ cost of blasting. I’m making the same progress on low or high doses.

Thanks for your reply.

I’ve literally had the same debate with myself. Is it worth the cost and health risks anymore? I’ve grown to a size I am mostly happy with and I stay that size whether I am on TRT or blasting for the most part with only a 5-7lb delta off cycle. In essence, not that noticeable. Also, I’m not willing to run extreme compounds (ie tren) or too heavy of doses.

As I mentioned, I’m running HGH with my TRT and I just added Anavar at 50 mg/day. I’ll eventually put up some pics but the GH is the lazy man’s cutting cycle. Its super slow but the fat comes off and preserves the muscle. My diet has changed minimally during this too. In fact, now that the anavar is kicking in, my appetite is going crazy and I’m still seeing fat loss.

First time with anavar? Because you’ll be addicted to it by week four.

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I was thinking of adding anavar eight weeks out from my meet. Is anavar worth it from a strength perspective?

I think you mean DAY four!!

Not my first time but it has been about 5 years. I feel really good both mentally and physically

It hard to say for me. I’m coming back from my shoulder surgery and sworn off the heavy stuff.

Along these lines of thinking, do you think someone who has reached pretty good level of development naturally will have less response to a cycle than a total newbie? Maybe not due to actually knowing how to train / eat?

I would not say I have maxed out my strength or size potential, but I am not a newbie either (I can squat with wraps 490, bench 330, and deadlift 550).

I would say no. I think that an experienced lifter can make huge gains due to training, diet, experience, and knowing what works for his body.

Not when compared to the alternatives like dbol or anadrol. But on a side effect to strength ratio, absolutely.

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Also keep in mind a lot of this stuff is individual. So in order to find what works for you trial and error is needed.

Some guys gets huge strength gains off dbol but not anadrol and vice versa. What works for one person won’t always work for you

No matter what anyone says, to reach higher and higher levels of musculature and travel further from your genetic limit, higher amounts of drugs will need to be used every time. Its just how this game goes.

The pros are just those guys who can handle high amounts of drugs with less sides. Thats one of the biggest factors that make a pro, alongside genetics.



There also comes a point when the body may only absorb so much and not use the rest. I would think thats possible as well.

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As we progress every new pound is harder and harder to gain. I believe this underlies all that we do in this AAS world. Then you have the whole thing where you are gaining so if you stay at a given dose it is less and less mgs per pound of bodyweight. We also have the whole desensitizing of our bodies to these hormones, we basically develope a tolerance. If you read up on tolerances in the medical community there is this theory where certain drugs create a natural tolerance and if you had X response to Y dosage at the beginning then develope a tolerance you would require a dosage of double Y to get the X response again. Now I don’t think it is so drastic that on our third of fourth cycles we need to double the dosage but (and this definitely goes for us blast and cruise guys) but by the tenth cycle you will probably need double the dosage to get a decent response close to the early cycles. Especially if you have a regular blast and cruise schedule where you are doing at least two good blasts per year.

I remember early on i was very hesitant to get to a gram of hormones per week. Then I started doing trifecta stacks (one hormone from each of the three families) and I would not go over 1.5 grams per week. Lately I have been giving serious thought to see what 2 grams will do but I just can’t bring myself to do it. I switched to home brew a while back for the savings and that way i could verify I was actually taking the mgs I thought I was taking. I was hoping to run the same dosages as I did with premade and see a drastic difference (meaning the premade was undersized) but I didn’t see anything significant other than less acne. (That premade had to be dirty somehow) All of this just made me realize that as I develop every new pound i go after is harder to get than the previous pound, it just comes with the territory.


I think this is one of the most important take aways form this that people need to understand.

In my opinion yes gear usage does increase as we gain muscle and especially after we pass our genetic potential altho I think people drastically underestimate what genetic potential is.

Im all about starting gear at higher doses but the belief that on your second third fourth cycle you have to double the dosage etc is ridiculous. I think using different compounds in different cycles at varying dosage can keep gains coming very quick. When I see people say “if you start at 500mg testosterone then you will need a gram your second cycle” or “if you run 300mg of tren your first time you will need 600 your second time to see gains” Is ridiculous.

Keeping gear at or around a gram a week while using different compounds in ways that keep your body responsive can easily last someone into thier 5,6,7th cycle or beyond with amazing gains. If it’s not then the problem isn’t gear it’s the diet and training.

Obviously all this depends on where the person was at when starting gear. Thier ability to use compounds without negative side effects etc.

I can totally relate to this… Poster is 43 Im 42 been doing B&C since 37 TRT since 32 generally two cycles a year. In last 3 years Im adding Tren & other stuff to my cycles to force gainz. At 38 I was from 175 after 2 cycles 225lbs but 11-12%bf held 200 till I was 40…now at 42 I hit 190lb at 8.5% So in a mirror or beach I look better but hitting 200 or over is hard AF… However based on trial and error Im noticing that if after a cycle I go back on cruise (200cyp) but really pump hgh 4-6 iu a day between cycles I can hold the size much easier…Then on cycle instead of doing crazy higher doses I increase doses a bit but change out some compounds to throw my body a curve ball…I think for longevity AKA dont pop your heart you want the minimal effective dose. Its very possible you may just need a new compound or shock your body with a different lifting program or diet