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Blast and Cruise Indefinitely


Gentlemen, I have poured over hundreds of threads in various forums and have read hundreds of research articles/studies pertaining to exogenous testosterone supplementation. Obviously, for every study there is a counter study and for every opinion there is a counter opinion.

At the end of the day I realize we all learn what works for us as individuals based on our own trials and errors. Needless to say, feedback and input from others with experience in the task at hand is essential and thus why I have created this thread; to garner feedback, advice and constructive criticism from those who know what they are talking about because they have been there.

I am not interested in broscience or parroted information that just about every member on any given forum offers up; rather, I am seeking VERY sound advice from those who know what they are doing and know what they are talking about.

Age: 41
Ht: 6 2
Wt: 255
BF: 22%

My training background is pretty extensive; more of a powerbuilder than a bodybuilder. I have been pushing very heavy loads for many years and did this natty up until recently when I began TRT. That said, I have decades of training under my belt natty and have acquired a tremendous amount of muscle mass and strength from training hard and heavy alone without the assistance of ANY super supplements. I feel like I reached my genetic potential a while ago at the point when the strength on my lifts and gains in muscle mass subsided.

Back in May 2015, I decided to get bloodwork done to see where I was at (mind you, I had never done this before in my life). I met a TRT doc and went to LabCorp for my bloodwork and these were the results:

Total Testosterone: 201 ng/dl (LabCorp range is 348-1197)

Free Testosterone: 8.4 pg/ml (LabCorp range is 6.8-21.5)

Alas, I had LOW T as expected! Interestingly enough, the doc never included an estradiol check on this test so I had no idea what my estrogen levels were. Needless to say, the doc put me on 200mg testosterone cypionate per week dosed at 100mg twice per week and 25mg of DHEA-Sulfate per day. I began this protocol and began feeling pretty good by the fourth week; a noticeable increase in libido, but nothing else; no strength gains or changes in body composition despite eating much cleaner and sleeping more. I wanted to bang just about every woman in sight, so obviously the cypionate was doing something.

Fast forward to July 6, 2015, when I had follow-up bloodwork done at LabCorp. Here are the results:
Total Testosterone: 859 ng/dl (LabCorp range is 348-1197)

Free Testosterone: 33.5 pg/ml (LabCorp range is 6.8-21.5)

As you can see, my testosterone levels; both total and free had increased significantly, but I was not feeling much different than I had felt for years without being on anything at all. And, my libido had started to wear off by this point even though I was still horny, I just was not as raging horny as I had been on the 4th and 5th week of cypionate. Interestingly enough, my doc, again, failed to have my estradiol checked.

Fast forward to mid July 2015, my good friend referred me to his TRT doc for a second opinion. The first thing this new doc commented on was the other docs failure to check my estrogen levels before putting me on hormones.

That said, the new doc sent me to Quest on July 20, 2015, for a more comprehensive bloodwork panel to be done and here are the results:

Total Testosterone: 816 ng/dl (Quest range is 250-1100)

Free Testosterone: 264.8 pg/ml (Quest range is 35-155)

Estradiol: 53 (Quest range is < OR -29 pg/ml)

Alas, my estrogen was high and the new doc suspects it had always been high as my total testosterone was very low to begin with before I even put any exogenous hormones in my body. Moreover, the new doc criticized the other doc for putting me on DHEA as he stated this could also convert to estrogen and be an additional culprit.

Today, I am completely off all hormones until I figure out the BEST way to do this. Like I said, my T is low to begin with so I am not too concerned with this whole notion of prolonged use of testosterone may ruin my chances of ever recovering blah blah. My shit is LOW without anything so Iâ??m over that!

I am very attracted to a blast and cruise protocol where I basically stay on hormones for the remainder of my years. I want to continue going hard and heavy in the gym for years to come and I realize more volume at my age is probably a good idea. I want to continue playing football and doing the things I enjoy doing.

All said and based on what I have shared, I was considering the following:

Blast: 500mg to 600mg testosterone propionate per week (dosed M/W/F) for how many weeks??

Cruise: 200mg testosterone propionate per week (dosed M/W/F) for how many weeks?

Again, blast then cruise, the blast then cruise indefinitely.

What AI should I take? Dose? How to dose it?

Should I dose the AI the same way on the blast as the cruise or would this differ?

My diet will be VERY clean and I take all sorts of vitamins and high dose quality fish oil.

Goals: increase strength, muscle mass, lower bodyfat, feel better, fuck moreâ?¦.

I want to mitigate negative sides as best I can too of course.

Thank you very much in advance for your quality feedback.


Or I should pay better attention to which forum I am on, sorry. FWIW, I cruise on 150mg weekly without an AI and have blasted on 500 mg weekly, both Test Cyp. I take an AI in blast, .25 E3D of Anastrozole (Adex), and my E2 on my last blood test was 4 (I know, way too low).

Sorry I misspoke originally.


I would fine tune your TRT protocol first, prior to moving onto blast. You need to get your E2 in check ASAP. E2 of 52 on that range (Quest Ultrasensitive) is fucking ridiculous. That assay tends to underestimate anyway. With that much estrogen for long term is awful. Don’t be surprised if you wake up with a swelled up prostate one day, if you keep this up. You need to also look at your hematocrit with that high of a TRT dose.

You will need AI. Take .5mg Adex on the days of your bi-weekly shots. Retest E2 and fine tune your adex dose from there. Ideal range is between 20-30.

As far as how long for a blast: I did only one low dose blast and found that the gains shoot up drastically from week 3-6 then plateau at weeks 7-8. I’d rather run something like 4 six-weekers than 2 twelve-weekers per year. I’d up the dose too.


Thank you very much for this feedback and advice! I will most definitely get my E2 in check and cruise a bit to get settled in before blasting at a higher dose. I also like your recommendation of blasting for shorter periods of time as the gains level off around week 7. I’m a 41 year-old man who has already managed to pack on a lot of mass and get very strong, but I’m looking for that edge…not interested in competing or anything like that, but definitely interested in progressing in my lifts and continue playing contact sports (ice hockey and football).

I will be on TRT so I was thinking staying on my base and then eventually blasting a few times throughout the year by upping the dose to what I am already taking on the base. Maybe even cruising on 200mg test cyp and blasting on top of that 300mg test propionate??? Of course, the priority right now is to get that E2 in check, drop some bodyfat and get acclimated to the cruise. Thanks again man; very helpful!


Sounds like another case of I (or my doc) screwed up TRT so I am going to start cycling instead of fixing it. You don’t even know what it feels like to be balanced yet and the problems will compound with more drugs.

Get the TRT thing sorted out and know what your home base is. This will more or less be your cruise. Then consider a cycle. I never understood how people are willing to commit to B&C when they have never even ran a cycle.


Hi! let’s do something easy to understand here.

based on what you said, your age, your test levels, etc… you should restart from your TRT dose, to find your AI dose, check your str levels and then you’ll have a beseline to start with. There’s no rocket science here, to use somewhere around 200mg test per/w it’s very easy to control and feel good all the time. Use adex, 0,5 or 0,25 3 to 4 times per/w, or even less, and wait until it build up. 5 to 7 days is usally enough for adex to build up and stay in regular concentrations.

Your blast, you can use 500 to 600mg for blasting once you have found your way with your cruise… just remember you may increase your Adex dose, just a little, to compensate more convertion. No rocket science, you can blast for 2 months and cruise for 4 months (basic protocol), or blast for 3 months and cruise as long as you want, or better, as long as you need to put everything in check (going to the doc and doing bloodwork) - this is the safest way to go.


Indeed, my TRT doc apparently isn’t all that well-versed in his area of practice. He never checked my E2 levels, never even considered putting me on an AI or chug or anything else other than 200mg test cyp per week and 25mg of DHEA-S. So, yeah, the doc screwed up…but, at the end of the day, so did I. I’m a 41 year-old man who is accountable for his actions. I should have researched the shit out of all this before jumping in, but I didn’t. I’m smart enough and mature enough to listen to more experienced people and so trust me, I will most definitely be getting my TRT base locked in before blasting anything. Thank you for your input.