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Blast and Cruise Help


Hello, since I am relatively new to the forum, I will give a little background. I am 37 years old, 6'2", 205 around 12% bf. I have been training for over fifteen years, and have about five cycles under my belt. Naturally very very thin, small bone structure, but good genetics, meaning that I always responded well to training. After a long layoff, I am finishing a five and a half month Test, Deca, Tren cycle (Test E 600, Deca 350, Dbol 40 for the first 13 wks, the Dbol was for the first six, followed by Test E 500 mg, Tren E 400 mg a week foir eleven weeks).

I know that a vigorous PCT is the recommendation that most would give, blasting HCG for over a week, then Clomid and Nolva for six, but I have thought it over and decided to blast and cruise, partly because I am in a new relationship, and I cannot afford to have sexual side effects from the shutdown. Also, I have tended to keep most of the strength gains from previous cycles, but lose most of the mass regardless of how I diet and train.

Just to give you an idea, I was 190 lbs., bench was 300 after previous cycle, having started a little over 170. Lost about 15 pounds off the bench, but of the twenty pounds I gained, I kept only 8. I look much bigger than stats indicate, chest is 50', arms 17 and three quarters, but have very small frame, so stats are a bit deceiving. I have learned though that I tend to lose much of the size, and have serious sexual side effects during PCT, especially after a 19 nor cycle.

I am planning on taking creating, maybe xgels, and 200 mg a week of TEST E. I was thinking of cruising for at least five months, and then blasting and cruising for ten weeks on ten weeks off. Should I containue with Hcg 250 twice a week? Any thoughts, suggestions, or feedback of any kind would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, CANO5


Cruise with 250iu hcg 3x a week. Get blood work done to see if you need adex at that dose of test