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Blast and Cruise Help

Hey everyone, I started my first blast/cycle (16 weeks blast) two months ago. I chose to start with B&C because I want to be a professional bodybuilder. But I had some family problems, and I have to travel to my parents in Australia (ps: I live in US) in one weeks, and I’ll be there for 2 months. Problem starts know, cause I can’t take my drugs, and most likely i won’t find a source there. So I’ll have to come off my blast. What do you guys recommend me to do.

Right now I’m on 600mg of test cyp and eq and .5mg of adex EOD . I had some slightly testicle atrophy too. So should I take some hcg and what doses and how long? How should my pct look like (ps: I don’t want SERMs, cause nolva lowers igf-1 and that shit is expensive, don’t want to waste the ones I freely produce and don’t clomid, cause I don’t want to feel like a bitch lol?
Thanks in advance!

Where about in Aus are you going? Im from Perth if your coming over this way.

Question about blasting and cruising:

How important is it really to do a low dose cruise if the compounds you’re taking aren’t adversely affecting your BP or your lipid profile?

If you were to say “cruise” on 500mg Test or Mast / week, what would be the downsides, ignoring cost?