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Blast and Cruise HCG

I’ve read that hcg during blast and cruise cycles are to maintain fertility if you want kids later in life. I’m gathering information on blasting and cruising with cyp at 500 mg/ wk for 12 weeks, dbol at 50 mg for 6 weeks and deca 400mg/wk for 10 weeks. Then cruise at 200 mg/cyp for 12 weeks. Is HcG necessary for blast and cruise. I’ve also read that it prevent permanent damage to the HPTA. Without HCG, can you return to normal T levels after a year blast and cruise?

Edit: I’ve had a vasectomy and I do not plan on having anymore children. Ever.

HCG will help preserve testicular size. Most TRT users run up to 1000iu a week spread out in two-three injections.