Blast and Cruise Cycle on TRT

I have been on TRT for about a year now am currently on 260/week. I will be doing labs in 3 weeks and was considerimg a blast after labs if everything looks good by supplementing with another 150 - 200/ week given mid week. Below were my last numbers 7 days after injectiom at 1 mg anastrozole 24 hours after injectiom.
TT approx 1150
FT approx 25
Estradol approx 42
Because my estradol was high I added 1 mg of anastrozole 48 hours after injectiom also. I do think this was too much though and crashed my estrogen, will find out on next labs.

Depending on estradol levels from next bloods I will probably try .5 mg EOD of anastrozole during blast. My main question is when I am done with the blast do I just drop my test and anastrozole back to pre blast levels?

I am currently 45 and have been lifting off and on since 14. Thanks in advance for any advise.