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Blast and Cruise? Can You Recover?

Hello im wondering how good your odds is to recover from a BC if you did it for a year?

I know someone who did it for 8 months he recovered fine it took around 2-3 months for him.

My test level after last cycle was good

Im might be looking in to cruise For a good 6 month after this cycle and take a 12 week blast afterwards and then my plan was to come off for a good period.

Will this be a bad idea?
Would i better be just coming oFf after the cycle?

My plan is not to do trt rest of life in such a young age im 25.
And wont to push it as long as possible before starting trt.

I wont to point out fertillity is not a worry i have 2 kids and are not planning to get another one.

The answer will not satisfy you, so sorry in advance.

When endeavoring to do something like this you have to be able to honestly assess your tolerance for the worst case scenario coming true. Then you need to estimate the risk of that scenario happening. You will be bad at this. It’s not your fault. Most people are extremely bad at assessing risk. Trust me, I do it for a living, I’m pretty good at it, and I’m still wrong at least 30% of the time.

In this particular situation worst case is trt, which isn’t really that bad. It’s not ideal, but it’s not bad just all on its own. So are you willing to accept that as a likely outcome? If so then proceed. If not then stop right here.

Still here? Ok, now onto the part that’s really unsatisfying. Nobody can tell you what your likelihood of recovery will be. It’s a total roll of the dice as far as you’ll know. Some guys recover from years of bnc. Some guys do one cycle and then have low testosterone for years until they give up and get on trt. The only way to know is to go through it. If you can’t handle the uncertainty then don’t do it. If you go into this assuming you’ll be fine, don’t do it. If you go in knowing that you’re going to end up in unfamiliar territory, and that you may be fine or you may be stuck with the needle twice a week for life, and you accept that, then go for it.


Good answer here.
The needle thing is not a big issue.
Not when you consider what, it would be like with bad T levels.

I have 5-6 cycle in my back and my test was at 29 in the 12-34 range 3 month after last cycle so i guess I recover quit well.

I live in the believe i rather take a risk in life and be satisfied with what i have expirenced and done in my life.
then sit as a 70 y/o and regret i never took a chance with things i wanted in life.

The only problem i have with being on TRT rest of life is that in Denmark they dont prescript Test and they actually never put people on TRT this means i have to use medicine that is not prescipted and sold on black market and i dont have the same communication and control with me doctor.
as if i was in the US.
So this might be my biggest problem if things went wrong.

But is it a good portion of people who have recovered well from bnc?

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I have been wondering as well you say trt is not that bad. Does the benefits outweigh negative? And in that case what are the negatives?

I’ve been on 3 1/2 years and I don’t know what any of the downsides are. But if you’re younger then the problem would be the lifelong commitment.

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I encourage you to spend some time thinking about it. It does cost a good amount of money for some people. I’m on it, and I think it’s worth it, but I do wonder sometimes if it was the right decision. I did think about it seriously for about a year, and pulled the trigger.

Money should be the last thing to think about here. :thinking:

I think that the health should be a bigger concern then money atleast for me.
Aswell as the struggle to pin Rest of life.

Its something i been thinking about for 2 years now.
But i will probaly look into it when i come closer to pct if i go one or the other.

Thanks everyone for get me thinking more about if its the right or wrong decision

I do daily shots so if anyone should be able to bitch about shots… but it literally takes less than a minute from the time I insert the syringe in the bottle to draw to the time I’m pulling the syringe out of my shoulder. With the ability now to use 28-30g 1/2" insulin syringes and injecting in the delts there’s really nothing anyone can bitch about. You can’t feel it and it takes seconds and you’re done.

If there’s anything to worry about it’s when at some point in the future if we go to war or some other crazy thing happens and you can’t just go get your prescription of T it’s really going to suck.


For me personally it’s been life transforming. I feel like I previously could have only dreamed I’d be able to feel (normal with a sprinkle of happy) and I look better than I could have ever imagined was possible for someone that spends an hour a day in the gym and eats basically whatever they want within reason. The changes come much slower than you want them to but once you reach that point they become the new default setting.

I was overweight a few years before TRT and suffered from bouts of depression most of my life. TRT does for me what all the antidepressants claimed they would plus some. The mental effects on wellbeing alone are enough that if it were my choice I’d tell everyone to get on TRT.

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I know it will be easier with delts i have tried and enjoyed the frist 10 injection no pain no nothing and easy to manage but somewhat after the 10th i hitted a vein and now everytime i try go back to delts it the same samething everytime.

But yeah thats my concern to if something happens so you wont be able to buy it of the black market then I will be fucked!

But know that there is some but very few individuals that have got it prescribed but it’s not something you get easy.

One of the good things about hitting the delts is there aren’t a ton of large blood vessels. Maybe you just have bad luck? I shoot 4ml/week in my delts divided up into daily injections and never have any issues like that and I’ve sick just about every place on the delts I could stick. So that sucks dude.

Do you do anything to help with scar tissue? Massage gun or something like that?

Bodyfat is dropping and veins is starting to showing more so i around 4 weeks it might get easier:)

Not really. Haven’t had any issues yet with scar tissue that I’m aware of

This is why having some, er, ‘supplemental’ testosterone laying around is never a bad idea. It’s kind of like ammo in a way.

Most of the gear i get from my supplier have a Exp date at highest 3 year from when i buy it :frowning:

Yep - I keep both stocked. Several years of Test.