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Blast and Cruise Bloodwork Timing?

I know the answer might be somewhere on this site but I can’t find it. I’ve been blasting at 500mg/ week since january 1st but I need to come back to my treatment dose of 120mg/week to run some blood test. How long will it take for my levels to be back to normal? Should I stop injecting for a while and then go back to 120mg for a couple weeks?

I’d say 5-6 weeks just to give yourself a buffer. Don’t want to rush the bloodwork and come back super high

5-6 weeks without injecting at all or injecting my normal dose ? Thank you for your reply!

Normal dose

Don’t just stop

Normal dose don’t just stop

Just realized I said exactly what the others said lol

If youre gonna blast and cruise. Be smart, this is irresponsible and plain ole immature. Or just plain ole stupid. Depending on the internet to tell you how to fool the system is so 10 years ago…

I mean I already have hypogonadism

What makes you think some blast from time to time is irresponsible and immature?

His blast of 500mg per week seems a very good and short term safe dosage to me

Im considering doing similar blast after one year.

Did you need to control eatrogen on that dosage?
Also how were your gains? Did you get sleep issues on 500mg?

This blast was too short so not much changed . But I did 3 others . I’ve always had insomnia so that didn’t change much. No side effects except for some mood changes and depression. Gains are always ok but it’s not as awesome as people will think. I took arimidex maybe 2-3 times when I felt my nipples were hurting a little.

So you are having insomnia even on 120mg as well and on 500mg was not worse?

Also on 500mg you got depressed?

Did the depression coinside with taking Arimedes?

Vonko, stick with TRT. Work with that. Lose the weight, and get lean first. Im sure you wanna do everything that people come up with. Going on a blast and then considering stopping TRT cold turkey to get numbers down is irresponsible. Why blast to begin with then? Plus nothing changed except mood and depression. Seems like a great plan.

Who said about doing blast and stopping trt?

This is not about you. The OP considered it. As for you, get your diet in check.

Who said I was fat?

Oh my lord…ok let me be clear.
@tuckerleonie you’re just irresponsible for blasting and cruising without proper planning. Flying blind.
@vonko1988 Im not saying hes fat, just saying he should get his diet in check before considering blast and cruise. I know he loves sugar… other than that Im sure you are both wonderful men. Hope I didnt insult either one. Good day.

Yea I have issues with diet and I love eating sweets