Blast and Cruise Advice

Hey guys!
Looking for some advice on blasting and cruising. I’ve only done one cycle in the past (500mg test e x 12weeks) and I now know the PCT process is something I’m not willing to do. The crash and loss of progress was more than anticipated even with my training and diet being on point.
I decided to start using test for sport performance and physique modelling. Absolutely loved the first cycle results and went in with the mentality that’d I would most likely be a long term user once starting. This lead me to research the B&C method so I just need some clarification before I make my final decision…

stats are;
27yrs old
10+yrs weight training


  1. Would 8 week 600mg blast/ 12 week 200mg cruise be appropriate for me?
  2. Do those who B&C have periods in which they come off everything for a certain time?
  3. I use Aromasin for AI, so what could I expect my dosages to be during each phase? (I know it depends on bloods, but would like a rough guideline).
  4. how often should I get bloods done?
  5. what supplement stacks do you use to assist in maintaining your health?
  6. would 250iu HCG x 2 per week be best to maintain fertility?

I know some of these are basic, but I’ve just come across a lot of different information, so would like a consensus from people with actual experience before I make a decision. Anything else I should consider would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou!

  1. Only you can decide. Is your goal to compete? Are you willing to risk fertility? Are you willing to possibly shave years off your life span? All questions to ponder.
  2. Not typically by definition. I find a lot of BC guys were on TRT first so their HPTA is already dumpster fodder.
  3. None during cruise. Blast is individual. I’ve not needed an AI on that dose but many do.
  4. I get mine done 2-3 x per year unless I have symptoms in which case I draw them to diagnose.
  5. No comment.
  6. Your gambling either way but that sounds reasonable. I see most TRT guys in the 800-1000iu per week range.
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Thanks mate, appreciate it!