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Blast Again or PCT?


Hi, people!

I have a few thoughts I would like your input with. I have come to the end of my cycle and am about to go into PCT. I have more or less reached my goals but am missing just the last bit.

My cycle consisted of:
1-4: 50mg dbol ED
1-9:100mg Test P, 100mg Tren A, 100 Mast P EOD.
10-12 100 Test P EOD.
Hcg and aromasin e3d.

So I got gear for about 9 more weeks of 100mg Test P, 100mg Tren A, 100 Mast P EOD and about 3 weeks extra prop.
I was considering cruising on test for a week or two more then blast tren and mast before finishing up and hitting PCT.
I guess I am asking what you people think about blasting again or just finishing up and save to gear for another run later…


I am currently blasting after a cruise.

It is the first time I have taken the blast/cruise route and I am loving it!

Obviously more time on the juice instead of coming into PCT may effect recovery…

There is no point cruising for 2 weeks. I allowed 14 weeks between using Tren, I actually “felt” like I needed that amount if time, any sooner I think would have been a mistake. That was coming of long esters, Tren E and Test E, now I will be blasting in short esters for 8 weeks followed by Test E cruises for 8-12 weeks…

So, I would make sure if you choose the cruise route that you cruise for as long as you were on cycle or more and understahd the risks involved.


that’s a really long time to be shut down, and recovery will be a bitch


yogi and andy already nailed it. PCT is going to suck if you make this cycle that long. Cruising is still on cycle, as far as recovery is concerned. I also think you’ll reach a point of diminishing returns by extending your cycle so long. To me, it would be better to come off for at least a couple months, regardless of how you value recovery. You’ll get more out of the drugs that way IMO.


Whops, forgot to anwser!

Decided to go ahead and do a PCT like you guys suggested and use the gear for another cycle when bloods are good again.

So now i was just considering what to stack with for my next run.
i have 3 10 ml vials of a test P/Tren A/Mast P blend @ 100mg of each pr ml. and enough Hcg and aromasin for another go. i should add up to about 9 weeks.

I was considering either stacking with Anavar or maybe som extra tren A.
The goal is to get a shitload stronger and add on some LBM. Any thoughts? i can get my hands on most stuff.