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Blast Advice 3 Weeks into TRT? Add Tren/Deca/Anavar?

Just started trt and want to blast a cycle first for muscle and weight loss already in test c 500 a week for 3 weeks, looking to add tren or deca and anavar any suggestions,
40 yes old
25% bf
I know I’ll need adex any other suggestions

Bad idea. Start your TrT, get your protocol under control supported by lab work and work on losing some weight while doing that. Spend 6months to a year getting that down, then blast and cruise. When you are ready to blast, you probably wont need an AI. You most def are not ready for Tren or Deca. How long have you been low T? Have you ever ran a previous cycle? Time in the gym?

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You will see a big transformation in the gym if you put in the work. I’m about 18 months in to trt. Once I got threw the massive hormone shift it was great. 3-4 months of fast gains . Now being 44. I have to make sure I don’t push so hard in the gym I don’t recover. In Time for next work out. That’s probably a age thing

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Yes team test only a couple times why bad idea? Lifting for over 10 years off and on

It is a bad idea for a couple of reasons.

  1. Overweight- more likely to covert more to e2.
  2. With already being low T, I would take that opportunity to get the protocol stabilized which in return will help lose weight, then proceed to blast and cruise when your body is ready.
  3. If you start running all of these compounds and shit goes sideways, you are not going to know which one was responsible. Are you going to be able to tell the difference between high E2 and crashed E2? You are talking about using Deca and Tren when you are not even consistent in the gym
    Treat this more like a marathon, not a sprint.

As @newbvet said get dialed in first. This can take a LONG time. You need a baseline before you start blasting.

Just no dude. Do your research on Deca and Tren. Deca can be an erection crusher but if you’re one of the lucky ones that don’t get that side effect its generally friendly. Tren is an animal. I don’t advocate you take anything but TRT until dialed in but if you put a gun to my head I would say Anavar is likely ok.

Wrong again. None of those three compounds indicate a need for Adex. Tren doesnt’ aromatize, Deca barely aromatizes, Anavar again no. So… know your compounds. Test is the only thing you would base your adex need on.