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Women are from Venus alright - at least Mrs Kristin Reisinger.

Men and women are NOT different species. There are SLIGHT differences between women and men, but they do not account for an entirely different type of creature.

Now, onward!

  1. "women require extensive lower body work, especially in the glute and thigh area in order to get that tight look."

I beg to differ. Females have a naturally weaker upper body, while lower body relative strength is comparable to that of their male counterparts.
IF ANYTHING, females should prioritize upper body, not lower body.
William Kraemer has done mentioned this extensively in his books. Argue with the guy if you'd like but I'm not tackling this one.

Prioritizing legs WILL do something for you however - it will give you 'the pump', and make the muscle feel and look harder. My aunt literally demanded I squeeze her thigh to show how her trainer got her results. One week without training though, and she's back to normal and freaking out about how she's out of shape. The pump is one thing. Actual tone that lasts is another - and for this you will need to lose fat, gain muscle, or both.

Well, welcome to myth-buster 1 - There is no such thing as spot-reduction. We all know that, so why cause controversy among T-maggers? Working your lower body is NOT going to speed up fat loss in your lower body. Overall calorie expenditure is.

  1. "So it makes sense that we also have a harder time staying lean and ripped year round, thus, requiring more time spent doing cardiovascular training"

...OR you could just add an extra weight training session, possibly, maybe? Cardio is one route, weight training is another route. There are several ways to increase caloric expenditure. Cardio is but one of 'em, so it DOESN'T follow that women NEED extra cardio time.

  1. "Superset exercise 1 with exercise 2 to increase fat-burning and increase quick-step action and agility." (exercises 1 seem to be typical leg exercises, exercises 2 are mostly plyos)

...How the fuck does complex training, as Poliquin names it, improve AGILITY? Anybody? I'm lost. If you want to improve agility, you don't work on strength or explosiveness. You work on AGILITY drills.

Oh, and supersets will increase overall caloric expenditure from all sources. Particularly DURING the actual exercise, most of the energy requirements are being fulfilled from creatine and glycogen anaerobically (Unless you're doing sets of 100 squats and 100 jumps non-stop, and even then a big chunk of energy is still coming from ANAEROBIC sources, which is everything BUT fat).

Either way, in order to develop 'quick-step action' you want to target the creatine and glycogen Anaerobic energy sources, particularly the creatine source. To do this you need plenty of rest between sets, andsets need to be restricted to lower reps to maximize any explosiveness benefits.


And Diesel challenges "the power" yet again.

This could be interesting.


This issue seems to be beating a dead horse...but I completely agree.


Good post...i agree that the complex training statement in the article was totally off.


Nice post.

I can't believe I just said that.


i think it could increase agility if you set up an obstacle course in between exercises. like lay down those tires and run through them military style, scale a wall, do some jumping jacks and then hit your exercise.


wow..you guys read the article...?



Thunder, you have said that ONCE before........but it has been awhile.

Hopefully there will be a new article on Friday that can be discussed to death too.

Carry on.


If her advice is based on mythology, then her clients shouldn't get their desired results.


I don't recall her stating that she is "spot-reducing", all she did was merly doing is show what her and a few of her figure cilents did to get to what they were successfully. Another way to train for a competition.

By, the way diesel aren't you suppose to be in basic training for the Air Force now? And what up with the Bush thread are you no longer a republican support? I think you should stop listing to those damn liberals that you train. Notice, the liberals are paying you not the conservatives.

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