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Blank Sheet

I am a complete novice, and to honest, I don’t know if my goals are serious enough to really be applicable on this forum, but here goes.

I am 36, 5’7", 200+/- lbs, and in fair to poor shape. I try to run 1.5 miles 5x week on a treadmill and some MILD lifting: 180lbs bench, 3 sets, 10-8-6 reps, and 90lbs curl, same sets, plus the other basic exercises. I have mild high BP, but no other problems.

At my age, where are the best resources for setting up an at-home workout routine with a goal of someday reaching low-mid 300s bench and everything else in proportion?

I know that’s probably too broad of a question, but I’m just looking for a starting point, and some inspiration.

I have pretty thick skin, so any advice/opinions are welcome :slight_smile:

I think anything you do is better than nothing. I would read the article of the day every day and follow the links that interest you. I can?t see you but I am guessing you want to lose weight. Diet Diet Diet. Good luck and don?t let anyone discourage you.