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Blame Pacman


Mayweather's jail term has been postponed so that he can meet his May 5th obligation.

Team Pacquiao aren't interested.

My patience is at an end.



Whatever, I stopped believing pac would have a chance after the Marquez fight.


For the most part I think fighters fight. Mayweather is a little more hands on with his career decisions, this seems to be more between Mayweather and Arum than Mayweather and Pacman. Pac is just the front man since nobody would care if Arum was on TV saying something.


I'm pretty sure even he stopped believing that he would have a chance after the Marquez fight. And I have a really hard time seeing Marquez give him another fight after the last one.


Roach and Pac are scared of Mayweather. They always have been, always will be.

If he doesn't fight him at this point, most in the boxing world are going to assume that May would beat him, and badly.


The mayweather and pacman fight no longer interests me. A year or two ago? Hell yes but after Pac's last couple fights? Nope.

Mayweather obviously didn't want to fight him but after seeing Manny's last performance he thought "I can definitely beat this guy now, maybe even knock him out." and now he's pushing for the fight.


What are you smoking?
Where do you come up with "Mayweather obviously didn't want to fight him..." ?


I don't buy the whole "Manny doesn't run things like Mayweather does" argument (I've heard it several times from other people)

The dude is a senator in the PI... If he really wanted to fight Mayweather at this point he could make it happen despite not being the vocal frontman like Mayweather.


What does that mean? Tebow had a hospital built out there, it doesn't take much to get certain things done in Philippines like here. He was a popular boxer and they voted him into senate that doesn't give him any power in the boxing world. If he had more power than his manager he probably would've left him, the same way Mayweather did.


There's no doubt that Pacquiao has less control over his affairs than Mayweather. But as the person who actually steps in the ring and fights, he should probably have enough pull to force Bob Arum into making THE MOST PROFITABLE FIGHT OF ALL TIME.


I think no matter how much Arum can make in this fight, Arum doesn't want Mayweather to get the same.
If Pac wants to fight Mayweather, grow a pair and demand the fight. Pac should tell Arum that I'm fighting only two more times, so if you want your biggest payday get me this fight.


I agree.

Arum's hatred of Mayweather is blinding him to money. Which is unbelievable to me, considering how much Bob Arum loves money.


Shouldn't be unbelievable. It is all relative for him. He wants money so he has "more" than others. Doesn't do him any good if people he hate get money as well.

Like that joke about the divorced guy who finds the lamp with the genie in it on the beach.

He is walkin' along, and bumps his toe on a magic lamp. Genie comes out and says "You have freed me from my prison, so I shall grant you 3 wishes. Just know that whatever I grant you I shall give twice as much to the person you hate most...Your wife's divorce attorney."
Guy says "Well, I am tapped out from the divorce and had to go into debt to buy my children's Christmas presents. I would like to be rich enough that I never have to worry about money again."

Genie says "Granted, and the lawyer's new wealth is twice your own."

The man says, "I would like the family heirlooms that were lost in a fire years ago back"

"Granted again, and know that the lawyer possesses all of his lost treasures as well. What is your final wish?"

The man says "I would like you to take out one of my kidneys and half my liver and give them to kids who really needs them..."


Robert A


I don't think it's to do with his hatred of Money May. I think he wants to eke out as much cash as possible in in-house promotions before sending Pacquiao to the knacker's yard and watching his stock fall.

I recon the old mongoose figures he can gather more dollars making Pacman fight a couple of smaller fights rather than one superfight and retirement.


Maybe it's against Mayweather, or he is just trying to save face. If I manage a boxer and I tell him your not going to be shit without me, then he leaves me and makes a ton MORE money. How can I control any other boxers? Arum is probably already making several millions.

He might miss out on one huge payday, but long as he has his hands in everybody's pot he can make way more in the long run. He's trying to be the next Don King, Mayweathers and Pacquious come and go and can be made.


Seriously, I'd understand this if this was 1970 and he had Tommy Hearns or something.

But he's 80. The guy doesn't have long left anyway.


good point, but tell him that. Better yet tell any stubborn 80 y/o that


hahah so true.


Just from reading stuff, the problem Arum is holding fast to is the inability to erect a venue that can seat 40,000 people. He is trying to make up the money he'd lose due to Mayweather being with Golden Boy. Typically, Arum has two fighters from his company fighting, so he'd get paid at both ends, PLUS revenue from the butts in seats and PPV. In this case, he only has Pac and the outside revenue.


Blame Money May

So even though I don't really care that much about this fight anymore I feel that since I started this thread I have a moral duty to come back and update everyone on the situation...

While Bob Arum was running his crusty old mouth on a litany of questionable reasons for Manny's avoiding Floyd, the Filipino superstar himself was starting to worry about people not liking him anymore. He says that he's open to the fight and soon afterwards Mayweather takes another step forward, literally calling him out. I mean he literally picks up the phone, dials Manny at home and demands the fight. Except by "demands the fight" I mean he demands a 60-40 split in favor of guess who?

The Pacman tries to bargain for 50-50, which is no doubt greeted with hoots of laughter from the Mayweather clan, and then for 55-45 (to the winner) which is treated with a similar amount of derision.

All of this is apart from the fact that Manny has dropped a lawsuit, agreed to drug testing, and was basically taking a date that was convenient to a woman-beater. Time to change the thread title mods...