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Blame It On Rio, Baby!


I was doing some channel surfing the other night, almost half-dead, and I run accross “Blame It On Rio”, the 1984 film starring Michael Cain who has a brief summer fling with his Best Friends teenaged daughter…ooo!!!.. Michelle Johnson…

I remember the film came out after I was barely sprouting pubic hair…and that Michelle Johnson had me sprung for DAYS!!! (LOL!!) What a natural beauty!

Anyone remember the movie? Any idea what happened to Michelle? It’s interesting that Demi Moore was her co-star…all the hype was that Michelle was going to be the next big star…LITTLE was said about Demi…

…shows you how much critics know!

Your thoughts?

Here ya go Mufasa
The Donor (1994), Illicit Dreams (1994)
Body Shot (1993), Far and Away (1992) Dr. Giggles (1992) Death Becomes Her (1992), Driving Me Crazy (1991), Blood Ties (1991), Genuine Risk (1989), Waxwork (1988), The Jigsaw Murders (1988), Slipping Into Darkness (1987)
Beaks The Movie (1987), Gung Ho (1985),
Blame It On Rio (1984)

And check out this site.

Thanks, Tri!

The site seems to suggest that after “Rio”, things sort of went down hill for Michelle…while on the other hand, Demi’s career simply went up.

I think that it is all the “luck of the draw”…maybe that early success was the worst thing to happen to her!

Think about it…after “Rio”, Michelle goes to “Gung Ho?”…and Demi goes to “St. Elmo’s Fire” and “Ghost”!

Go figure!


By the way…

I haven’t seen recent pics of Michelle…but Demi certainly is still a natural beauty…

In many ways, she looks better than she did running around in “Madonna” clothes during the “Brat Pac” Era…


Yeah, that one had that same “hardening” effect on me, too. Gotta love those 80s T&A flicks.

not for nothing, but calling Demi Moore a ‘natural’ beauty is like when hookers call themselves ‘escorts’.
Don’t get me wrong, she is still SMOKING HOT.

But she has had a ton of plastic surgery to look the way she does. Her facial skin has been pulled so tight that Joan Rivers is calling her for advice.