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Blame Game

It seems that Americans spent just as much time trying to assess blame
for what happened in New Orleans as they did trying to find ways to fix
it. The blame game started before Katrina even made landfall. The
first trash can hadn’t been blown over before people were saying that
the hurricane was – of course – George Bush’s fault. And why is that?
Because Bush hadn’t implemented the Kyoto Accords.

Two things seemed to be forgotten during this initial rush to blame
Bush. First, there were killer hurricanes like Katrina long before this
scare over so-called “global warming.” Second, the United States
Senate, while Bill Clinton was President, turned down the Kyoto Accords
by a unanimous vote of 99-0. So, the Senate under Clinton unanimously
rejects Kyoto, and then the hurricane is Bush’s fault because he didn’t
implement it. That logic could only work for liberals.

By the way … we are now learning that Louisiana Governor Kathleen
Blanco might have had a direct role in delaying federal assistance in the Katrina disaster. The story is surfacing that at one point George Bush
offered federal help, and Governor Blanco, a Democrat, by the way, said
that she preferred to wait for 24 hours before she made that request.
That sure gets in the way of the Blame Bush game, doesn’t it?