Blake's Beginner Log

Hi everyone,

I have been lurking around this website for quite sometime. I am 22 years old, 6 foot tall and weigh in just over 210lbs. I started lifting two years ago my sophmore year of college when I weighed in at about 230lbs. It was time for a change and it didn’t take me anytime at all to drop 20lbs. I got kind of cocky with the quick loss and all the praise I was getting from friends and family about how proud they were of my success. I then started to eat less healthy and lift less at the same time.

Well I am sick of making excuses so I figured making a log to keep track of my progress could help motivate me. In addition, I purchased some Surge and Metabolic Drive. I just finished my workout and downed a Surge and I must say it was pretty good.

My initial plan was to try the velocity diet. However, it takes quite an upfront investment. Although I could swing the purchase I just kind of wanted to take it slow at first so I was thinking about trying the velocity diet lite. My biggest problems are binging and I think this diet would suit me pretty well. Sitting down late at night with a bag of chips and a pop is just plain pathetic now that I look back at some of my habits.

After reading many Physique Clinic logs I stumbled onto one that is scary close to my situation. That log would be Gus’s. So many of the comments he made really hit home.

I am currently doing the HGM (home grown muscle) routine from MensHealth on MWF and doing 25 minute cardio sessions and abs on tuesday and thursday. After reading Gus’s thread I was thinking about cutting back on the cardio and trying the NEPA walks.

Well I think that is a good start to my situation. Thanks for reading the whole thing as I know it was pretty long. Any tips or advice is greatly appreciated. THANKS!