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Blaine "The Vanilla Gorilla" Sumner

Thought you guys might be interested. I got to meet him today. Gave a talk and did a demonstration bench with 225 for 69 reps. Very nice dude.


Did you learn anything from him?

Steak Shakes all day

LOL insanity. I thought that was a typo until I saw the video title.

I asked him about how he stays healthy enough to do things like just walk around while doing things like squatting 1100 pounds. He sad (paraphrasing) you have to be smart about your training and not to be constantly pushing too hard, but that it’s just going to hurt and be hard to get out of bed some times.

He actually made a chicken shake we all got to try. It was bad but not nearly as gross as I thought it would be.

You’re calves are lookin’ good! Nice diamond shape!