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Blaine Sumner New Record

Figured I should show some love for geared powerlifting. I just watched his recap and lifts all looked legit.

I guess there is also going to be a documentary staring Blaine. Should be pretty cool seeing the new school geared powerlifting.


It’s the IPF so all the lifts should be legit, the only thing with them is that they red light good lifts sometimes.

The funny thing is that his bench was far from his PR (over 1000) and he still isn’t pulling over double his bodyweight, but he’s absolutely killing the competition. He should go to the WPO, he could win, except the IPF will ban him for a few years.

3000 in single ply? Maybe for Blaine. That would be crazy.

He must not have the leverages for DL, because it is lagging pretty far behind.