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Blade Trinity

Okay, saw it last night. Here’s a break down:

Snipes: I don’t know if I would say he “acted” in this, he mostly kicked ass and stalked around.

Biehl: I don’t normally find her attractive, but in this, oh yes indeedy. Technically a nude scene, but you see nothing (damnit)

Reynolds: He did a kick ass job with his body! I know there was a thread about it before on here. He also provides many of the best lines in the film, he’s hilarious. I’d love to post some, but I don’t want to take away the joy of hearing them first hand in the theater.

The direction was well done, for an action film and the special effects were good as well. Sometimes the blood sparys looked a little “off” but vampire ashing/shapeshifting I thought looked good.

Verdict: Check it out if you’re an action fan. High brow it’s not, but entertaining.

Without getting into it too much…

I was disappointed. I liked 1 & 2 but this was not done in the same vein. I don’t expect much in terms of acting in my action films and this fill even below my expectations.

The character development just wasn’t there for me. Blade is fine but the others were definitely lacking. While the one liners were hilarious this movie seemed to lack that “something”. I wish I could say what it was but it was just not there. It’s that feeling you get when you watch a movie and it doesn’t seem like the characters are into it…chemistry? I’m not sure what it was but the movie felt empty to me.

The fight scenes were okay but there’s a section were they’re a cut together which loses the effect they were trying to get. IMO, this editing just didn’t work and they lost, what seemed like great fight scenes.

However in the end I would recommend Trinity. I mean it is Blade 3. It just wasn’t what I had grown to expect.

Did you get a look at the trailer for Elektra? Now that looks good…then again damn near all trailers do make a movie look good.

I’ve been a fan of Blade ever since the first movie came out, and I am definitely going to watch this sometime this week.

Thanks for the preliminary views man. :slight_smile:

How was HHH in the movie?

IMO, HHH was a joke, joke, joke.

I couldn’t get over how small his forearms were. Maybe just me…