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Blade 2

I saw Blade 2. I walked out of the theater and I couldn’t believe it. it was the best fucking movie, go see it. It put the first one to shame. There is no movie with better fighting or more fighting, they couldn’t have made it any more violent without extending the time of the movie. Go see this shit. ~PorchDawg

complaint I have is: I wanted to see more of Donnie Yen. At least he choreographed the fight scenes - which yes, were VERY good. I noticed on RottenTomatoes that this movie is receiving more negative reviews than positive. But the critics just don’t seem to get it or even understand Guilermo Del Toro’s off beat sense of humor. Great flick - add this to the T-Mag list of T movies.

My boys and I went to check it out Friday night, but it was sold out. We saw The Time Machine instead. Not a bad flick, but nothing to write home about. I’m really looking forward to seeing Blade 2 later this week.

Went to see it Saturday night. The sound kept cutting out during the previews and then went out completely once Blade started. After a small riot, we all stormed out of the theatre and got free passes to come back or a refund. I haven’t had the chance to go back yet.

BTW, if you need a T-movie fix, see Brotherhood of the Wolf. Just be prepared to read subtitles. (It’s French.)

Delightful. At one point my wife sarcastically said to me “this movie needs more fighting”. Some parts were so brutal and disgusting that I was forced to cheer loudly. PLus, the vampire chick needs it hard, although Blade never gets to show her his “swordsmanship”.

I saw if friday night as well and thought it kicked ass. I especially liked the part where he kept fucking with that one vampire that called him out. He kept popping him in the face and then placed that garlic bomb on the back of his head. that was bad ass. I also liked the fight scene with the new vampire where he kicked him so hard that his feet just slid on the the ground. And how bout the previews for Jason X. We need to find out who his supplier is so we can get hooked up too!

I agree. The movie kicked some arse.


It wasn’t a garlic bomb it was ummmmm something nitrate. Too my knowledge garlic doesn’t explode…unless McGyver was playing with it. :slight_smile:


I agree about Donnie Yen I was waiting for him to just slice a reaper in two. Then he dies so cheaply. Awwwwww well. Guess he was busy making those fight scenes. :slight_smile:

Hey Chris, saw Brotherhood of the wolf about a month or so ago, and thought it was really good it was just to long and drawn out. Aside from that it was a good movie.

It was the scientific name for garlic. something nitrate. they used it in the last movie in that mace stuff. i remember whistler saying the scientific name and then saying garlic to clarify.

nkeago: I betcha the Special Edition of the DVD will have some nice juicy “deleted” scenes with Donnie Yen. The DVD of Blade is pretty sweet, too. Yesterday (had to stay home from work, due to a nasty asthma attack), I had the SE DVD of Terminator 2 on. I love my life…

And the garlic stuff is also in Blade's innoculations, right? I betcha if you watch Blade, you can catch the name there.

the fight scenes were so insane! The last one where the dude is swinging blade like king in tekken and smashes his head in a column. NICE!

The bomb was actually silver nitrate. Silver kills the normal vamps.

Cool fucking flick! Awsome action,fights and gore.My hats off to everybody that was involved in this flick.It has to be made into a trilogy now.Blade is too cool.

I could have sworn it was garlic. But I could be wrong. like allium nitrate. I thought that was garlic. nevermind now i sound stupid.

I was going to say silver nitrate. But I didn’t because I’m thinking of some other substance that goes kaboom that is -----nitrate. Ahhhhh well guess it does’t matter. Eitherway it makes a big bang. :slight_smile:

I dont think it was the garlic or silver or whatever that made it blow up. It blew up and the garlic or silver was kind of a shrapnel.

You’re right, the silver nitrate was to kill. The explosive was probably something else.

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irondoc, nkeago, Goldberg: Check out the Blade2 official website. I think it'll explain what was "explodin". Kewl website, too - btw.

Ummmmmmm see I wasn’t even thinking of that. But it makes more sense. Now I still want to know what is that substance that is a something nitrate that goes ka-boom. :slight_smile: