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Bladder Problems

I work out late in the evening and therefore end up consuming alot of liquid before bedtime in my post work workout shake and 2nd post work out meal. I end up having to wake up three times during the night, which I don’t think is very helpful to my recovery as I’m not getting enough sleep.
During the day whenever I drink liquids I have to go to the toilet after about an hour.
Some people say if you need to use the toilet more frequently you have a strong bladder as it is filtering the liquid quicker, but some say the opposite and say it is a sign of a weak bladder? Who is right??.
Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can improve the amount of times I need to relieve myself apart from drinking less liquids, for example if I force myself to hold in my urine for longer periods will my bladder adapt over time??

I’ll bet you eat food and have to take a crap sometimes too, right?

Listen, you’re drinking a lot of water, so you have to piss a lot. What’s the big mystery?

I can’t think of anything other than trying to hold it longer. People do adapt. Or buy plastic sheets so that you don’t have to get up to relieve yourself. That has the double bonus of keeping you warm at night.

Facts: You drink lots of water, you go wee-wee a lot. Holding it too long stresses the kidneys.

Options: Drink lots of water during the day. Being well hydrated will lessen your need for so much water after your workouts, especially if you drink a post-workout drink.

Do some research into the use of a urinary catheter at night time.