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Bladder Problem

I’ve been having great difficulty getting rest at night and has been affecting my workouts. The cause of this is having to wake up 8 times (I counted one night) to go to the bathroom and piss. I drink 1 gallon of water per day along with my post workout SURGE which is mixed with half a gallon of water. I’ve often asked if SURGE should be counted as part of daily water intake, but have never gotten a straight answer. I’m thinking of just consuming a gallon of water per day with 64oz. of that being my post workout SURGE. If some days I feel like drinking more due to hot weather I will, but in the meantime I’d rather get more sleep than water. Whats a good way to moniter your water intake? Let me know what you guys think of this.

MAN, i hate it when people tell me not to count my water from my protein drinks, etc… water intake is water intake… i don’t care what people say… buddy, if you work out in the evenings, it sounds like, you will piss your brains out if you drank a half gallon of water just a few hours before bed…

All liquids should be accounted for that gallon per day.
Why must you consume such a large quantity of water? Like anything in life you can overdo it.
But if you must, try pyramid your water consumption throughout the day. In other words taper off by dinner time.

Man, 8 times? That’s rough, and I feel for you. Maybe something you should consult a doctor about. I personally wake up twice to urinate at night, and that’s after drinking quite a bit more during the day than you (almost 2 gallons of pure water, not including other fluids I drink throughout the day). However, I’ve taken to using these interuptions in my sleep as an oppurtunity to slam a protein shake. I think avoiding the 8-10 hour would-be fast (a full night’s sleep) on a consistant basis has really helped my progress.

“Why must you consume such a large quantity of water?” - A gallon a day is by no means an excessively large quantity of water for a bodybuilder. There are many many reasons that this is true. According to Paul Delia of AST, “You sweat approximately 3 quarts of fluid during sleep and that’s without even breaking a visual sweat. You need to replace this lost fluid to optimize metabolic functions.” (throughout the night). It would be very hard to drink “too much” water.