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Blackwater Civilian Training Courses


I hear they have civilian training courses. Seems pretty fucking interesting. Anyone have any experience with this or take a course with them?



these guys are the scum of the earth


I'm not talking about their politics. Quit your crying.


I'd planned on going to a few of their courses when i was planning on rejoining the marines, but, that ain't happening.


Seems like some pretty badass shit. I was surprised they're willing to teach civilians, even if it is 100/200 level courses.


money is money man. i'm sure they're still held to the same standards as mil or LEO guys.


I'm sure they would be great courses. there are others that also do a great job. gunsite, Thunder Ranch, LFI and so on.


Another great one is Magpul Dynamics. Their training DVD, The Art of the Tactical Carbine, takes you through their 2 day Level 1 course and has additional instruction on weapon cleaning, accessories, and basic travel guidelines.


they still are


And you base this on what? Your personal knowledge of these guys?


There are lots of companies that train the public. I've trained with SIGArms Academy and Suarez International to name two that I can vouch for the quality of their courses.





Wanna kick ass? join blackwater private army. You wont be ruled by the geneva convention, so you can do all the horrible stuff you want.

Killing civillian, torturing people, you can finally put all this strength and this body you builded to good use.


And you bitching about it on the internet won't change a damn thing, so abort hijack and go see if your mom has dinner ready upstairs.


can't wait to use the 'body i builded'


Shut the fuck up this isn't the Politics thread. Back to the topic at hand...

At West Point we have to do some kind of military school during the summer, and Blackwater was an option for some of my friends. They loved it. Shooting in jeans, soft caps, de-bloused... all you do is shoot a bunch of shit. If you want any more specifics let me know and I can ask them.


Hey jasmincar go fuck youreself I have 4 good buddies who all are contractors working for blackwater or contracted under them.

What is this torture you speak of, I have never heard about any torture from a contractor.
Im so sick of people getting pissed about contractors when they dont know any or anything about them, so maybe shut the fuck up and go write some more american hating crap on your profile.


Ah yes, the civilians who believe whatever the media puts out there without ever fact checking the media or wondering if the media fact checked their sources (they don't.) When I was overseas airstrikes were called in on members of the Taliban. The AP quoted a known Taliban mullah(who they only referred to as a mullah..not Taliban) as saying they were women and children going to a party. I saw the photos from the scene and spoke with our intelligence officer...it was pretty damn clear they were from Pakistan and Taliban.

Unless you've been there..and I don't mean sitting on a FOB you cannot understand these cultures...they are so backward, so foreign that it is literally as if aliens came to our world. Further, these people torture and behead their own citizens regularly so what makes you think that they are better towards us? I wasn't there when Blackwater killed some civilians when they felt they were under attack...but neither were you and you're about as qualified to speak on the matter as an obese person's asshole.

People who haven't been there and are stupid enough to gobble down whatever is written down without a second thought are the true scum of the earth. Just saying..


Very nicely put. Personally I don't believe anything the media comes out with, I tend to just avoid the news in general.

One quick question though, what's an FOB?


Forward Operating Base...those that never leave the wire are known as FOBBITS.


Ah, I see. Thanks for clarifying