Any blacksmiths out there?

I have read a couple books on blacksmithing in the past, and have done some research on it, and have always been facinated with the trade. Today i finally tried my hand at the forge and it was alot of fun, and hard work. I am in the begining stages of creating a 4" blade. Hopefully i can get it ground out and ready for heat treat next month when the “class” assembles. If it turns out nice ill put some pictures on here for you.

Do any of you have any homemade knifes/axes/swords that you made?

not here but that’s a really cool trade bro. It’s very admirable and masculine, especially in today’s world.

I think (and I could be mistaken) that I remember reading that Coach John Davies was a blacksmith. I’m not sure where I got that from, but its in my head somehow. Anyway, maybe you should contact him for info.

I have a friend who is. Huge guy too like 6’8". He has turned it into a full time business. PM me if you want his website. Pretty cool stuff!!