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hey t-nation i was just wondering if the blackouts are effecting any of you guys out there?? i heard it started in canada and went down to ny.


If it was affecting someone, they couldn't respond.


i live in nj and my power was out for about 3 hours.


It's actually a good thing in some ways. Think of how much power is being saved from a few hours of blackouts!


Man I am so glad I don't live there. The sight on the news of hundreds of thousands of people leaving cars, trains, etc. and walking out of the city just blew me away.


I think it started in Ohio? NY looks like they are enjoying it.


Lights were all out here in Connecticut.
You know you'r a T-man when you do your whole workout at the Gym with NO lights on, in complete darkness with a few fellow weightlifters, because you cant miss leg day, lol. It made for a very interesting workout, Deadlifting weight in a near empty gym in the pitch dark where every little sound was echoing as if it were a prelude to a ghost story...


I just got fucking home those damn Canadains screwed my whole commute home;). Just kidding. To early to tell which side that it happen on but I guess we'll know soon enough. It was scary in the beginning I was like oh god please let this not be another sept 11. But, I am home safe and sound;).

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Silas C.


I build furniture and I was running a table saw when the power went out!Kinda scary but at least I got off work early!


It went out about 4:00pm yesterday here (Toronto, Canada) and came back on about 6:00am this morning.


only about 20% of NYC has power this morning, it was kind of crazy last night, but people made the best of it...the stock market is opening and i think its business as usual although subways and trains are still down....


Yeah went off about 4 pm. Came back on in the morning around 5 as my answering machine came on and woke me up. Some parts are still down. My ac is off so it's going to get hot. I don't want to turn it on. At least I got the rest of the day off work. Good thing a friend had some camping stuff I could cook my dinner with last night. :wink:


Oh yes,
I didn't have power from 4PM till 2AM. The only thing that I kept thinking to myself was how pissed I was going to be that all my cottage cheese, eggs, chicken, beef, etc was going to have to be trashed. I just kept the fridge shut and everything was fine.

Went for a walk, read my book, thought about mowing the lawn (but I didnt). Then I just fell asleep on the couch and electricity came back on at 2. Good Times.


christian thibaudeau leaves for oregon, and the power in canada and NE usa goes out... coincidence? I think not.

CT is taking the power with him.


Yeah now it's time for the brownouts. Power went off again for a few hours. :wink:


I thought I should post this on saftey issues:

First, I thought eveyone panic in my building. I remaind calm and so
I think I was thinking straighter. Obvisouly my first reaction was oh no this got to be terrorism. So, as I was thinking and planning I thought the safest place was the building I was in I didn't felt any rumble or shake of the building and there was no fire.

Then, I asset my options. I could go w/ my co-workers to brooklyn an 1hr walk at least, or go uptown on 57th st to where my aunt live, or 133st where one of friends lives.

I choose to wait a few hours to find out what was going on before I made my decision.

They at this point ruled out terroism so I thought it was safe to go out to the crowds. And, it was a little later also so the crowd was getting better but, it was still a mess.

Bottom line is that if this was terroism there would have been a lot of dead people out in the street and I would have been one of the few that have survived this whole ordeal.

Moral of the story is think before you react. Saftey should come first. And worrying about getting home is last. Eventually, you'll get there. Just stay calm and be pactiant.

In Health,

Silas C.


Does anyone want to know exactly what happened?




Fitone...does your brain hurt when you sit down? :wink:


Yeah cause mq knows the full story!

lolol.. yeah and politicians always tell the truth too..