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Blackout Wednesday


So this has been a staple of our Thanksgiving for years.. but my friends have been telling me Chicago is the only city that calls it that. Obviously tonight is the biggest drinking night of the year, anyone else celebrate it?


We have here in the past, mostly becaue friends are back in town seeing parents, etc. Good times.

Never called it blackout Wednesday before though, that's a new to me.


never made sense to me how it's the biggest drinking night... Halloween or New Year's would make more sense, but so it is


I totally understand why it's popular.

The majority of partying-age folks have little to nothing going on the following day except relaxing and hanging out with family/friends.

The rest of the weekend might be fucked with shopping or real life shit, but Turkey day is kind of a throw away where not a ton is expected. I'm not saying it gives permission to go out and get loaded, but for a typical busy person with bills and responsibilities, this night makes sense for gettin' loose.


I celebrate blackout Wednesday every week. It is the best day of the week.

Too drunk to hump day.


Or for classy ladies like myself, Wednesday is Winesday


Or for a young man like myself its Wanksday


i live in chicago and yeah it gets crazy.

i plan on getting real drunk and fucking some strange tonight, thats for damn sure.


Fill in the blank.


Funny, I usually have whiskey on Wednesday and never noticed the alliteration before.

Then what day do I have beer then??? Maybe I'll have to call it Sudsy Saturday.


The Wall Street Journal actually ran an article about it yesterday, officially calling it Blackout Wednesday. Link for the article below:

Being out last night, I will definitely say that the title is 100% accurate.


Yeah.. definitely lived up to the title last night.