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Blacklight Power? So...?


Anyone remember blacklight power? Well it seems they have signed some deals where people will begin using these things to make electricity in the real world.



I know in the past a few people on here said Mills was a quack, and that BLP could not work or whatever, but why would a commercial power company sign a contract to use thier system to generate power unless they had a real good reason to do so?

I am not sure why this has not hit any major news outlets as of yet, but isn't this kinda a big deal? I mean this is basically the free energy thing here, and this guy is starting to roll it out into commecial applications. I mean if he has solved the energy problem, shouldn't we stop researching wind and hydro and solar power and just focus on getting more of the BLP systems up and running. Imagine all cars being electric and no need for Middle East oil ever again.



The market will decide what scientists continue to argue over; just because science can't explain why this works doesn't mean it doesn't.

I think it's pretty exciting from a science perspective because it will stir up the QED nerds' world.

Frankly, I've spent quite a bit of time around these people: I don't get it and neither do they.


More persuasive perhaps than the unspecified deals may be:


To me their NMR findings are fascinating. "Shouldn't happen."

What importance it has commercially will of course depend on cost-effectiveness, which hasn't been revealed -- and even if it is or were cost ineffective now, that really says or would say nothing about what may happen with time.


I don't know where they pull the figures from, but I read that they estimate the electricity produced by thier procedure to cost around 2-3 Cents per KW or something like that. Whereas the current cheapest is coal at 8-9 Cents per KW.



Here is an interesting post about hydrinos, apparently someone else is claiming they exist now, though through a different theory or something. (the poster thinks Mills and this other person are wrong)




I mis-wrote. I should have said, and meant, not revealed in those press releases. On whether there has been any revelation of CURRENT cost per kw/hour, as opposed to speculated projections, I don't know.


Following through on the links on that, the Caltech patent claims extracting energy from vacuum field:


While that has some aesthetic advantages (the only way available to me to judge merit of one of these theories over the other, unfortunately) and may well be right for the power generation for all I know, it wouldn't seem to explain the NMR spectra of the hydrino compounds Blacklight has produced.


unlikely. oil companies wont sit by and let us change the market on them, too much money is made.


Yes. Few people know that actually all those Clinton associates that mysteriously died actually were killed by the oil companies. This is because they were trying to promote non-oil sources of energy.

It happens to pretty much anyone who tries starting up or building up a non-oil energy company. Dead within days.


Yup, and governments like the Chinese one won´t give a fuck.

If it works, they will build it.

If their engineers suddenly start to drop like flies they will strangle a few Saudi princes with their own entrails until the rest gets the message.


Well at the very least these recent attempts "Appear" to be much more legitimate than efforts in the past for clean abundant energy. The thing is, IF this does work, Either of them really, then there WILL be a major destabilization of the current power structure. How many people are going to save up to buy one of these "home" units, and just go live off the land? I mean I would.

Once you own your home, you no longer have to worry about heating or lighting ever again, and you can still stay connected to the world if you want to. The price of everything will drop (eventually) because the power needed to make them will be reduced to almost no cost, Electric powered Tractor trailers zoom shipping loads back and forth stopping whenever they want to get a rechearge for free or dirt cheap.

Shipping costs will cover overhead and salary for the driver, no more fuel costs. City Sidewalks and streets in the north are ripped up and new ones put down with electric heating elements in them, Making snow removal obsolete, and making winter life in a city, as easy as summer life.

Oh well, Thats what I hope happens anyways.



1/3 of todays prices would be good, but not that good.