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Blacklabel's Juggernaut Log


Starting up a new log. I feel like the last 6 months of training have been a total waste, and it's time for a fresh start. I made the switch from powerlifting to a (poor) bodybuilding routine that did nothing but get me weaker. It also bored the fuck out of me.

So im making the switch back to powerlifting, and will be starting Chad Smith's Juggernaut method next week. I plan on doing a push/pull in June, where I hope to pull off a 540 deadlift and a 315 bench.

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Good luck, I'm just finishing my first 10's cycle and am enjoying it so far. Wiggles has a log on here where he got to the 5's cycle before a minor injury at work set him off course a bit.

Anyways I'll be checking on this log regularly!


I am glad you are doing this because I have been looking into the Juggernaut Method and am strongly considering trying sometime soon. I will let you be the lab rat though.

Are you still going to be forgoing squatting and just doing bench/overhead/deads or what?


We've all made mistakes in our training and it definitely helps the learning process. Watching how this turns out for you will be awesome, I've been very interested in the Juggernaut Method for a while. Now I just need to see exactly what Josh Bryant has people doing...


Good luck man, I'll be following. Tear it up!


Thanks man! Glad you stopped in, just checked out your log and I think it will help me with the first few weeks of figuring out the rep scheme. My buddy and me split the cost of the e-book, and he explained it to me over the phone, so im not 100% on everything.


PM me your email I've got a good spreadsheet


It looks hella fun, there's alot of variety so your not doing the same shit week after week. It's alot like 5/3/1, and I got some damn good results outta that program.

And no, I don't think I will be squatting. Hopefully I can see a PT sometime in the next few months so I can get back to it. But for now its just bench/overhead/deadlift.


I hear you, man. I wasted the last year on Sumo DL, and I just switched. I Look forward to seeing how this works for you.


I hear ya man, it was a dumb fucking move on my part trying to write out my own program. I don't think ill ever stray from powerlifting again, haha.

I'll try and let everyone know what I think of the program in the next few weeks.


Thanks dude! You should try updating your log some more, im interested to see how they have you training up there.


Thanks! Hopefully they've started working on this site... if not ill try and send you one on youtube.


Thanks man. I guess powerlifting is all about trial and error.... and lifting heavy shit.


I'll start doing that, next few weeks arn't to crazy because i have my meet on the 9th though, hopefully we can squeeze out some good PR's after that.
I've heard and read some good things about this program, when do you start?


Yeah I just bought the E-book last night and read it at 1 in the morning. I would definitely advise you read the book in its entirety at least once or twice because some of the stuff was kind of confusing at first glance.

I agree it is the same as 5/3/1 in principle, just with longer waves and more reps.


Looks like it worked, that will help you from having to bust out the calculator as much.

Note: The training max adjuster on the spreadsheet is set for 2.5lbs for bench and OHP and 5lbs for the squat and dead so you may have to do some manual calculations there to keep those numbers from going up too fast.


Roger... good luck with that.

I won't be starting till monday, since im just coming off being pretty sick. Lost a good amount of weight in 2 days.


Sweet! Do you plan on starting it anytime soon?


Yes sir. I will probably only go up in 2.5lb increments, that seems to have worked well for me in the past.

Thanks again!


As long as your training max stays 5-10% below your calculated max like it says in the book you'll be good, good luck!