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Blacklabel's First Meet


Weighed in at 231.6


Opener - 315 - Smoked it, went up faster then my 275 warmup, and it really set the tone for the rest of the meet.

2nd - 340 - Same as 315, popped out of the hole... felt like nothing.

3rd - 365 - Deep as hell, 3 whites. Easily had another 10 lbs. in me.


Opener - 235 - Easy and smooth.

2nd - 250 - Nice and smooth

3rd - 265 - Failed. Was tired as hell and wasnt mentally prepared for it. Failed halfway threw the lift.


Opener - 365 - Felt hard, but looked fast and easy on camera.

2nd - 405 - REALLY hard, but 3 whites. PR+ 20 lbs.

3rd - 415 - Failed.


good work man. i hope to do my first meet in the next year


Congrats bro, the only way to go is up! Doing your first ________ (anything) is always the hardest so be glad thats over with. Good luck with your training and be sure to post results from any other competitions you do.


Everything looked great man. You busted through 365 Squat like it was nothing. There isn't a doubt in my mind you could do 400


Nice lifts! You pretty much owned in the 300lb range in your squats. I think 400 is within your grasp!


Squats were too easy, you smoked them! Your pulling style looks kinda crazy, how you have developed such pull?


Congrats on doing your first meet dude! If you're doing meets out that way maybe we'll bump into one another in the future (I'm moving out that way soon and plan on competing again)

What federation was the meet?

I gotta agree with hatesmiles about your pulling. It looks like a mix of sumo and conventional. How tall are you? You look tall enough to benefit from conventional but I'm not sure.

Great work either way dude!


He said something in his log about why he pulls like that. I believe it is more comfortable for him to do it this way due to his height.. Then again I could be wrong and forgot


Congratz mate. I would cange your pulling style, though, either sumo or regular.


Thanks alot man.

Im 6'3, and I feel really comfy pulling that way. Ive never tried conv. to be honest, just the stance you saw in the video and full sumo.


Your exactly right.


And Jonatan, where have you been man?! Havent seen you post here in a while.\

Thanks dez, Douglas, dsg and hatemiles!

I think I could pull off a 400 squat with wraps, but doing it completly raw, im not so sure about. Thanks guys!


I've been kind of busy doing all sorts of things. I hope to keep up on my log here every once in a while. If you have a question or something you want to discuss, feel free to send me a message containing your email, then I'll send you a mail, and I'll be able to answer much faster.


Nice job, dude. Way to keep the openers conservative and build confidence as you go.

You kind of pull like Coan....narrow stance sumo. If it works, it works. You're a big kid, you gotta optimize leverages.

Choosing third DL attempts is always a challenge. Taking that big of a jump on your third was risky. You'll get it next time!

Edit: I misread and thought you jumped to 455 on your third.......I'm trying to do too many things at once.

Nice job.


Congrats on doing the meet BL, great job.

You have more in you all the way around I think. Def in the squat and pull. I have NO clue how you paused at the bottom of those squats, that would bury me. Keep eating and training, good things will happen.


I couldnt imagine pulling 455 that day, lol.

But thanks alot dude.


I actually pulled 435 yesterday lol. Well see about the squats in upcoming weeks, but like I said earlier, possibly 400 w/ wraps.

I didnt even notice I paused a little in my squats till I finished making the video yesterday. Kinda weird, ill have to work on that.

Thanks man, I appreciate the response.