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Back on T-Nation to start a new log. Haven’t had internet for about 2 years, so Im glad to get it back and start posting again!

Where to be begin? For those of you who don’t know me, this is gonna be my 5th log here on T-Nation, my first was a westside log from 2008 and then continued on until my Juggernaut training log.




So here I am. Training as of late has been interesting to say the least. I weighed 240 pounds this time 2 months ago, and today I sit at around 198-200 lbs. I follow Mark Bell on youtube, and once his carbnite shenanigans began, I hopped on the bandwagon. I had already been interested in losing weight, but this was exactly what I needed to do it.

As far as numbers go, I have lost a little strength. Mostly on my bench, but my DL seems to have leveled out. I don’t squat (yea fuck you). Don’t really want to go into detail about why, but if you check out my past logs, you can see all the problems I have had with my hip.

So that’s it! Let the training begin. Below is a video of my deadlifting from Monday (9-17-12):


Did some very light leg work today, my quads are still sore from last week… which is odd. Plus I am working up to 485 on deads this Monday, without having carbs for 8 days. So I need to be as fresh as possible.

Tomorrow is my “bodybuilding” day for bench.


DB bench (slight incline):
60x15 - dropset 35x20

DB fly:

Front and side raises: 3x12 each

Micro mini band pushdowns: 100 reps

Facepulls: 2x15

Easy workout, didn’t push anything hard, just prepping for ME bench on Tuesday, where ill be aiming for 275 for a double with the slingshot. That is all.



Flat bench:

I realized that right before my 485 set, that I was actually suppose to be deloading. HA! Tuff shit, body… I still fucking did it.

It makes sense though, I felt like absolute shit, and was drained menatally. Next week I shall deload, and the following week I will be looking at a 500 pound pull. Will be my first at this BW.

As for the benching, I can’t lift tomorrow due to class, so I threw in a few sets. I may just call it for the rest of the week, but then again I pretty much missed my leg session last week and Id like to get a good speed day in. We shall see.


Flat bench:


DB bench:

EZ bar x 100 reps
Pushdowns x 100 reps
EZ bar x 100 reps
pushdowns x 100 reps

Side raises: 20x3x15
Front raises: 20x3x12

Im probably forgetting a thing or two, but oh well. Bench was dissapointing, I was in the 300 range for a long time, and now i’ve dropped down to below 250… ill be back soon enough.

I saw Paul Carter do the BB curls for reps, and thought they were interesting so I tried them out. I got a crazy pump, and my elbows feel great. Will def keep these in my routine.

Starting sheiko after a deload next week… not sure which one, since they took most of them of elitefts. If anyone has a link to another site it would be greatly appreciated.


Hack squat:

Squat: 225x3,3,2

Facepulls: 100 reps

Rear delt flies on cable tower: 3x12

Calves & Abs

Ok workout, still figuring out what the fuck is wrong with my hip, it never fucking ends. I miss squatting heavy, I hit a PR a few months ago of 420 with only a few months training. But then the hip acted up again and I had to cut out anything heavy. So I impliment hack squats and leg press in my training just to get some kind of quad work in.

Deload next week.


Actually went into the gym tonight and did some “light” benching. Latley ive felt there has been something off with my form… and I think I found out why. I have been trying to keep my upper back so tight that ive actually taught myself to tuck my shoulders in and up, rather than down. That seems to have caused some of the problems ive had in the past. It’s actually like im shrugging when I actually start to press the weight, and tonight I really tried on squeezing the shoulder blades together and down as hard as possible.

Hopefully sheiko will help me with my form issues.


Deload week


BB shrugs: 145x3x20

BB rows: 145x3x12

Lat pulldown: 105x3x12

Light workout, stressed out as FUCK so this is just what I need… a nice easy week.

I’ve done some light bench and upper back work on tuesday and thursday (today) just to get some blood flow and combat bordeom.

Something ive failed to mention is my bad left shoulder. Something in my rear delt region popped about a year ago when I was lifting a box overhead, and then about 3 more times until my last occurence when I was doing a standing MP with 140. Same thing, struggling to get the weight up and something just popped. It hasnt gotten better since, and its stopped me from doing MP and incline work.

And on tuesday I started noticing it when I took a wide grip on flat bench. It’s not getting better, regardless of therapy/upper back work. So I’ve started doing shoulder dislocates as much as possible and do general mobility drills to strengthen the area. I will keep an update of this as much as possible, mostly for my own well being.

And as far as training goes, ive been messaging Mrodock (not sure if he even posts here anymore) and hes been helping me out with new training ideas. Not gonna lay it all out right now, but I will as I go along.

Just a general mood update; I ran into a wall with my car, and college mixed with 55 hours of work a week is starting to get a little overwhelming. Mostly because im finding it hard to train, and that’s my only real outlet to relieve stress/anger/whatever the fuck you wanna call it. I mean, a man can only masterbate so much, ya know?

That is all until monday, and if things play out right I will be pulling 500.

For your shoulder try this exercise. I got it from Dr. Serrano.

Lay belly down on an incline bench. Use 5-10# dbs to start. Fully extend both arms. Press one DB for 10 Reps, while keeping the other DB fully extended. Then switch. Do 3-4 sets 2 times a week. I’ll try to find a video of the exercise.

[quote]vanillagorilla33 wrote:
For your shoulder try this exercise. I got it from Dr. Serrano.

Lay belly down on an incline bench. Use 5-10# dbs to start. Fully extend both arms. Press one DB for 10 Reps, while keeping the other DB fully extended. Then switch. Do 3-4 sets 2 times a week. I’ll try to find a video of the exercise. [/quote]

Sounds interesting, at this point im willing to try anything!



CG: 185x2x5

DB press: 65x2x10

V-bar pulldown: 3x12

Band pull aparts: 100 reps

Followed this up with some scalp retractions/softball rolling on my shoulder

I got alot of shit going on in RL, so I will not be transitioning into my new routine until about a month from now. I have givin it some serious thought, and I think I will back off any kind of pressing for the next couple of weeks, I think that will be the major role in fixing my shoulder. I am going to take a week off, doing absolutley nothing. Week 2 I will get back into the jist of things (minus the pressing) with deads and legs (possibly squats). If no change is seen in 3 weeks, scratch everything, go to doctor.

On a positive note, im setting up my home gym… again. My broseph is moving out, so I will have the entire basement at my disposal. Just got a new adjustable bench to add to my lat pulldown, power rack and assortment of weights. My next investment will be a Texas Power Bar, fuck yea.


Haven’t done any kind of lifting, and I have to say my shoulder does feel better… might extend the rest another week after this one.