Does anyone have any good recommendations for websites or books on learning Blackjack?

I know the very basics of it and would like to go and play at a table every now and then, but hear too often of people going and getting upset because “newbies” don’t know how to play the right way, i.e. “That was my card!!!” I’d hate to be that guy!

The morons who get upset should be ignored, or laughed at. You play does not affect them any more then building muscle leaves less for everyone else.

Try this site:

I haven’t gone through the course myself, but glancing at it I find the information good. I believe that after it teaches you basic strategy it moves on to card counting. Do not try this in a casino unless you have basic strategy and card counting mastered. Basic strategy should be enough for most people. It can drop the odds to 0.5% or less.

Also is a good site. It is the homepage of Stanford Wong. One of the math experts in the field. Check out the forum. There are some very knowledgeable people there. Although they require a membership to gain access to the “green chip” area. But this would be of benefit only if you were to want to get serious about the game.

The most interesting post I found there was about Stanford Wong figuring out how to count cards against those automatic reshuffling machines. (This was a while ago.)

Good luck.

Get a $10 video blackjack game at Radio Shack or electronics store. Learn the basic strategic moves and you shouldn’t lose too much money. There is also a book out about a group of MIT students who made millions playing blackjack in Las Vegas. However, they could count an 8 deck shoe and had put together a sophisticated communication system.

I learned how to play on yahoo games blacjack. It was free. No need to spend money on it.

People are always going to curse you up and down for “taking their card” or whatever. I’ll tell you it gets worse if you sit anchor (the last seat to get dealt to) because people will blame you every time the dealer doesn’t bust. Just tell them to shutup.

Seriously though, I can card count BJ and I’ve made money at it. If you just want to play for fun learn the basics such as when to hit, stand, split pairs, double down, etc. Once you’ve got those you should only have about a .5% against you and that’s not bad. Card counting can be done it’s just hard, although it’s no harder with an 8 deck shoe as opposed to a 1 deck, the more decks just mean fewer changes in the makeup of the deck and less opportunity to win big.


I have never lost money playing blackjack, although I have only played at the casino three times :slight_smile:
Everytime I have gone I have been down to my last 100, bet 50 get a 10 and double down. Every time I have ended up with a 13 and then started sweating until the dealer busted. Every time this happens I get up and walk. So sense pushing your luck.

LOL Last, time I played BJ dealer never sweated a bit. And I won $10,000.

Dealers, play with casinos money. How, can they sweat? Its a job. Like everyonelse they get paid and then they go home.

Basic stragey is if you want to win
play aggresively. Who, gives a crap about other people. As long as your winning who cares.

In Health,

Silas C.

By the way that $10,000 is now down to $1000. Because, in the end Casinos somehow gets your money. And its not like I go down there every weekend. once a year if that.

Well I don’t know what he meas by basic strategy is play aggresively, but there actually is a system called “basic strategy” Simply saying play aggressively won’t ensure you win…but using “basic strategy” will. Get some books on “basic strategy,” run through it for a few months until you know it cold, and then go look for a single deck table.

Cool - thanks for the info so far guys. I’ll definitely be checking out those sites!

If you want to read a really cool book based on a true story, check out “Bringing Down the House.” It’s the story of a bunch of MIT kids and their experience with blackjack and counting cards. A great read.

What, I mean about playing aggresively is if you are showing in your hand a 13 or 12 and dealer is showing a 7 or higher and you see a hell of a lot of face cards you need to hit no matter what. Also, bet large in the beginning odds are the shoe is better at the beginning then midway through. And split always pretty much w/ the exeption of having two 10,s. 9,s.

My, cousian plays once in a while and he does know how too count cards. He graduated MIT also but, he only goes to Vages once in a blue moon. I don’t think he ever got caught or ban in casino’s because he still goes. He wins all the time. But, he doesn’t play much.