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Blackberry Group

Had a thought and did a quick check but couldn’t find anything. A BB group. If this already exists for members to communicate anytime I would appreciate a point in the right direction. If not, I think it could be good. Members who are friends an easy way to communicate, members who aren’t friends a handy way to be in touch.

Let me know whatyou think.

PIN 26AD895C

I like the idea. Great way to pool training resources. I’m in.

Pin: 231B10B3

you should make the group “T-Nation” or whatever you want to call it, then everyone can put their pin here and you can add them to the group. There’s no way I would want 100 T-Nation members on my bbm. just a thought

Heres the barcode for the group T-Nation. Hope this works.

I just scanned it and it works.

Awesome idea btw, its a great way to exchange training ideas and such :slight_smile:

EDIT: Just realized all the posters so far are Canadians. lol

Not only Canadian but from Ontario specifically. Guess we are all the early morning crowd.

On a side not, I hope I am not stepping on any infringement rights with using T-Nation as the name of the group. If this is the case mods just let me know and I will correct.

I’m in

Make a liveprofile group so us iphone people can get in on it.

I bet you guys are posting from your phones just be assholes.

canada eh

pin: 22F57AC3