Blackberry Curve 8330 Reviews

anyone here have experiance w/ the b.b 8330 from sprint? my contract is up and my trao 700p is due for a replacement. I’ve looked @ the palm pre. but the poor reviews on the battery life and tiny keyboard are some big drawbacks. plus it just feel cheap. I have no doubt its great. but just not feeln it. anyways… I do a lot of web browsing and texting. right now best buy has the b.b. 8330 curve for free with new 2 yr contract. I tried browsing the internet on it @ the sprint store but couldn’t figure it out.

(sigh, rolls eyes) just get an iphone.

Its a good reliable phone.

Browsing isn’t all that great, but installing Opera Mini helps.

They have the new Blackberry Tour on Sprint, but it is more expensive.

I’ve been rocking one since Sept. of last year. Still on the original battery and it doesn’t hold a charge like it used to, but that is the only drawback I see.

I freakin’ LOVE having a blackberry!

PS: The small keyboard could probably be a pain if you have some extremely large mitts on you, but I find it just fine.

I have the 8830 myself, but from what I’ve seen with my friends who have the Curve is that it is a delicate piece of equipment. If you have a tendency to drop phones, do not get it. The plastic shell splits easily and the trackball gets dirty and stops moving very easily too.

The full keypad is amazing for texting and emailing. Once you get it, you’ll never go back to T9. The entire platform takes a couple days to get used to, but its very well set up I find.

Moral of the story, it’ll work great if you don’t drop it.

My wife and I both have the 8330, it’s the best phone I’ve ever had but it’s also the first phone ever that wasn’t just a phone. I have decent sized hands, can palm a basket ball and the keyboard isn’t bad, I do fat finger sometimes. Browsing the internet is ok, pretty fast however sites like T-Nation that don’t have a mobile app are kind of a pain, it can be done when you’re bored but I wouldn’t make it your primary source of internet use. Speaking of which, you can use it to connect a laptop to the internet like a modem when you’re on the go.

I have had it since January and I love it. Word of advice: don’t just stick it in your pocket. With mine I have learned that the keys stop working after it’s been in my pocket for extended amounts of time. Could be the compression/heat/moisture combo? I have dropped mine quite a few times and it still ticks. Battery life has been cut in half since I first bought it.

when viewing webpages is there a way to expand the page closer. So yuo can actually read fornt on the internet? I don’t recall if this was with the b.b 8330 but when viewing internet pages they were so damn small you needed a microscope to read! And is it to that to send pictures from your phone you need to do it from your email vs just sending a picture text? is it the same with receing pictures too?

I have an 8310 and its very cool. I dont know the difference between the 8310 and 8330, it is addicting. There is truth to the term crackberry.