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Blackbeard Tries Backflips


I know it ain't oly lifting but it's an oly lifter trying something new! Not bad for 307lbs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4d2fm3_KirA&feature=youtube_gdata_player


Nice man! Far more rotation than I could ever achieve haha


Be careful. I would be so scared.


If I was you I might want some bigger people spotting me. Reminds me of a time when I was wrestling and coach had us all trying to do front flips onto the crash mat (sans spotters). I think the furthest I rotated was so that I landed flat on my back haha.


Good job!


Takes a lot of balls to do it man! I remember the first time I did it on my own in concrete or in a hall full of people..lol. DO NOT STACK IT. That would not have been cool at all eating the floor with 100+ people in the room!

Your leaning too far backwards which increases the distance between your knees and your head. If you jump bolt upright and lift your knees up you will rotate backwards properly. A classical backwards summersault you take off, rotate and land exactly on the same spot. Most people don't do this as they don't jump up properly, they lean backwards. Of course you can arch it for artistic merit...or for stunts.



Nice! When my ankle rehab is done, I am so learning that.


Hey guys. I know my technique is flawed. Prolly one of my worse reps and only one I got on video. This movement is easier than people think. I encourage everyone to try it!!!


Oh sure, anyone can land on their feet.