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Blackaggar is Back


So thought it would be fun to post here while I try and lose a bit more fat off my body and get fooking peeled.

A bit about me

Best lifts EVAR
505 Box squatx9 no belt or wraps
365x9 Bench press touch and go
635x1 Deadlift
315x1 seated military press
550x7 Romanian Deadlift

I cant do any of those right now but I also dont train all that heavy except for brief periods (where I gain tons of strength/ and size)

I am sitting around 220lbs right now at 10-11% bodyfat, goal is to decrease this to 6-8%

I tend to go HAM in the gym so I have to really control myself while cutting.

I also don`t eat clean OR follow macros or give a fuck what I eat or put into my body. I eat whatever I want whenever I want and my progress only stalls if I get drunk more than once a week or binge out more than twice week lol, yolo.

I`ll put up the first workout later today after I do it. Any questions feel free to ask.


In like Gwendolyn.


@Spar4tee - YAYYYYY :wink:

Workout today

Chest - 75 reps
Back - 50 reps
Traps - 40 reps
Legs - 40 reps

Seated dumbbell press

Lateral raises

Standing rear cable fly

Seated front machine press

Whole workout was done in an hour including a 5 min cardio warmup and a 5 minute mobility warmup to give you an idea of my pace


Thursday arms

Rope press downs - 4x12-15
Close grip bench - 5 sets, last one was 315x5
Overhead cable extensions 4x10-12
Lying dumbbell extensions - 4 sets last one was 60sx8

Dumbbell curls - 4 sets last one was 60sx6
Hammer curls - 4 sets last one was 80sx6
Straight bar cable curls - 4x10-12
Single arm cable curls - 4x10-12


Saturday Legs

Stationary bike x5 minutes
Back squats - 5 sets last one was 455x1 easy
Romanian dead lifts - 4 sets last one was 365x8
Leg extensions - 4x12 drop set on last set x20
Lying leg curls - 4x8-10 drop set on last set x12
Incline treadmill x20 mins


Sunday Chest

Incline barbell press - 5 sets last one was 255x14
Flat barbell bench - 4 sets last one was 330x5
Dips - 5 sets last set was 4x45lb plates on my waist for 8 reps
Cable fly - 4x12-15
Incline hammer strength press - 4 sets, last on was 4 (45lb) plates per side for 8 reps with a dropset of 20 reps with 2 per side
Incline treadmill x20 min


Monday Back

Barbell rows - 4 sets, last one was 275x12
Neutral lat pull downs - 5 sets, last one was the stack for 8 reps with a dropset of 15 after with 120lb
Close-grip cable rows - 4 sets, last one was the stack for 8 reps
Pull-ups - body weight for 50 reps done in 5 sets with different grips
T-bar row machine - 4 sets, last one was 4 plates. (45lb) for 10 with a dropset of 20 reps with 2 plates
Stiff arm neutral pull downs - 4x12-15
Incline treadmillx10 minutes


Juicy. Let's race to a 600lb beltless squat.


Sounds good to me bro, I'm not willing to get fatttt anymore to get a lift so you may win this one har har we will SEE




Good to have you man!


Tuesday shoulders

Dumbbell shoulder press - 4 sets last one was 100sx8!!
Lateral raises- 4 sets last was 40sx10 and 20sx12 right after
Standing rear cable fly - 4x10-20
Cable lateral raises - 3x10-12
Rear dumbbell fly - 4x10-12
Front rope cable raise - 4x10-12
Incline treadmill x20 minutes


An example of my diet - yesterday was:

Protein shake
1.5 scoops of whey
almond milk
peanut butter

Quarter pounder with cheese
Diet coke
Mayo for fries

Pasta with cheese sauce and bacon

3 cookies


This could be interesting!


Definitely in. And impressive stats man - you're really strong.


serious question:

Do you not worry about your health at all? Its cool that you dont have to eat clean to make progress and all but when was the last time you had bloodwork done eating like this


Haha good question man, I don't know if it's because I'm young (23) or what but I eat like this pretty consistently and my health is somehow above average in terms of blood pressure, cholesterol, and all of that.
I don't know how this is possible considering some of my "other" activities I partake in especially on the weekends which can end up being a lot worse than the diet above. If I started being affected health wise I would change immediately but as for now it works.

I am a believer in the 80/20 principle in all areas including health and I do believe that some things such as: sleep, under feeding (Calories), regular vigorous training do produce most of the results and is what my main focus goes to!


@ barbedwire - I'll try my best to make it interesting haha

@ king kai - good to have you and thanks, so are you I have looked through your log! Unfortunately when you're friends with guys like George Leeman you never see yourself as strong but I try my best lol!


Wednesday Arms

Single arm rope extensions - 4x10-20
Dumbbell curls - 4 sets last one was 55sx8 with 25sx10 right after
Straight bar press downs - 4 sets last one was 150x12 with 70x10 right after
Ez bar curls - 3 sets last one was 135x8
Incline dumbbell extensions - 3 sets last one was 70sx12 PR
Rope hammer curls - 3x10-20
Overhead cable extensions - 4x10-20 last set was 165x11

Deadmill sprints (sprints with treadmill turned off) 10x15 seconds with 45 seconds rest in between - felt like I was going to die lol


Friday Legs
5 minute warmup on treadmill
Single leg curl - 20,15,12,10,8
Lying leg curl - 20,15,12,10
Romanian deadlift - 20,15,12
Dumbbell stiff leg deadlift - 20,15,12
Front squats - 20,15,12,10
Back squats - 15,12,10
Hack squats - 20,15,12
Leg extensions - 20,15,12,10