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Blackaggar Beast Mode Engaged


Hey guys, This is my log for 2012!

Started my peaking routine today for bench, by the end of it I should be able to crush a new bench PR over 405lbs, my goal is 420

Wide Bench press
warm ups:

work sets

Narrow Bench

Incline Bench

Upright rows
work sets:

Face pulls

Rope pressdowns
work sets

Overhead rope extensions

thats all she wrote, morning weight is 242lbs

2 scoops mutant mass
1 cup milk
1 scoop whey

Post workout
backed potatoe
chicken sandwhich
ice tea

in an hour or so I will have some ground grass fed beef and eggs

buffet tonight :slight_smile:



Oh damn


Yeah im gonna wreck the place, they better have waffles for my dessert or ill kill someone


You better top those waffles with ice cream and mashed potatoes.

This is a buffet, you need to completely pig out.


Sweet start to the new log. You just know I'll be checking in


haha thanks man I check yours all the time too


Haha because the beast mode wasn't engaged before...

I'll be following for sure. Enjoy that buffet- no survivors.


thanks man! yeah I go nuts at buffets, i usually have to pass out for a few hours later, or I cant really move much for a few hours later, hope my gf wont mind driving home!!! lol


hopefully 2012 will be a beastly year for both of us


you still aiming for a bw of 300 lb Blackaggar?


Awesome. Definitely going to be following this.


Thank god you didnt wait to long to start another. Looks like a nasty workout. Buffets could be my favorite thing in the world. Vegas has the best of them. AMazing selction and really good food.


Oh it will be my friend, it will be what we make of it


Yes eventually, I want to do strongman and PL down the road after a lot of thinking Ive decided thats where I can do the best, I want 265-275 by the end of may. I will stay at 275 for a while, or at least around there and over the course of however long it takes gradually recomp frm there, 300 is a ways off but in order to do well in PL or strongman it will be a nesecary evil


Glad to have you following along man!


Ive always wanted to go to vegas, hopefully the gf and I will go next year, Ill just go crazy on buffets lol


Buffet you say?? If you did not piss off the Chef I am dissapoint.

Best of luck chasing a new bench PR. I will take notes on your peaking routine most likely.

Nice training, and I'll be following.


thanks my man, here is where i got the peaking routine from


Ive just been eating as much as possible

3 pb and jam sandwhiches
2 cups of milk

1 handful cashews

3 scoops mutant mass
1 scoop whey
1 scoop organic almond and hazelnut butter
1 cup choclate milk
1 cup milk
1 free range egg

going to have a nice big dinner and something else before bed

so far calories are around 2600ish


Is hazlenut butter the same as nutella?