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Black + White


Yeah, you know what I'm about to ask.

I haven't been "out in the world" for a while, especially with "new" friends. I went out to this college bar. Not my flavor music, but one of the guys was determined to get lucky. The dumb ass, as all women can smell desperation as last call draws near. Anyway, after he was shakin' his rump with some booty, she leaves with another guy. He gets all pissy, and the other friend gets mad.

I knew the moment I went in it was black guy/white girl scene. Hey, most had booties too big for my tastes, and I've learned long ago...

if you find love, don't let it slip through your fingers. If a guy likes a girl and visa versa, well then rock and roll.

Anyway, my two "friends" were all up in arms saying shit like "I don't like it when black guys are with white girls. But I'm not racist."

W T F ?!

I argued one moment, then just shut up, as they were completely drunk, and it was a waste of my time.

The kicker: I asked if they'd get together with a black chick if they had a chance, and they said hell yeah.

W T F ?!

Now, being enamored with asian, black, latino, spanish women, I've made peace with dating out of race long ago. I think it's great, 'cause the result is often exceptionally beautiful children. And if there's one thing this world needs, it's less butt-ulgy folks.

Back to the story. Their hypocracy was insulting. I called them racists. Then I dropped the whole subject, 'cause they were squacking "I'll go back and kick all their asses."

Ha. There were a total of 6 white dudes in the place.

We moved along, and they became more belligerent, blah, blah, blah.

Is this attitude not proof positive that these guys are closet racists?

What do you guys and gals think? I'm not asking if you "approve" of such couplings, as I don't want to find out more people think this way. Just, is this racist.

I think it is, and it came out of left field and shocked me. I was thinking "who the fuck are these guys to think like this?" and "should I continue to hang with them?" I'm sorry to say that I'm leaning on the NO side. Prejudice breeds fear, hatred and finally leads to pain inflicted on others.

Or are they prejudice and not racist? Can you be one and not the other?


All racism is not equal. The "comfort zone" varies. For example, some people would feel uncomfortable living in a neighborhood of a different race but that does not mean they are clan members.

So yes, I would say the friends in question are racist to some degree. It's hard to say how racist because they were drunk and jealous.

BTW, you are correct about mixed babies. They produce some of the most exotic and beatiful people.


Just be thankful that you didn't get shot.


my grandmother switched which arm she had her purse on before a black man walked by in a semi-urban setting, does that make her racist? (I don't know... but food for thought)


While I would not accuse them of being clan members either.

Yes they are Racist period end of story, this is not debatable.

People often squawk and say that the label of racism is thrown around to freely I disagree I say it is not used enough we need to stop coddling people Racism is what it is.

The typical "I'm not racist I have a black fiend!" bullshit is ridiculous.

I do agree that people often use race as an excuse but we are all udults some things are just so blatant we need to quit kidding our selves most white people know damn well when someone they know is being racist they just don't have the back bone to call them on it or stop associating with them.

I am not a Black Man but I have never dated anyone except Black Women and am happily married to one right now.

I am a realist about things yeah your boys might have been drunk yeah they might not have in a sober state said what they said but they did and they meant it don't white wash it (No Pun intended) now its time for you to asses exactly how you feel and how you intend to go about your life and who you associate with.

good luck to you and all the best.


LMAO, racist.

Fuck, we're all racist in some way. It's just the stupidity of our human nature.

The most racist people you know will say shit like "I don't think in terms of black and white." And "How dare you call me racist. My best friend's black." Haha.

Our society pretty much tolerates blatant racism from black people beacause of the slavery and human rights issue. Hell, that was only 50 years ago so I get the anger.

On a personal note, if I had a choice I'd be black because I like their style.


You brinng up good points.

For the record, I'm hispanic.

My friends will often say the n-word and until recently I never said anything about it. However, it really started to bother me and I told them straight up that I don't want to hear them say it around me. It's insulting and disrespectful. They've respected me view about it.


Those are racist comments that seem like they come out of the 1940's.

Live and let live. One day these clowns will find that out.

I remember once a long time ago a guy I worked with made a comment like that. I had previously thought him pretty cool, but there was something about him saying interracial dating was "disgusting" that just changed my whole view on him...I never really talked to him after that. Wasn't mad, just really didn't want to be around that kind of fella.


An "old" Black "philosopher" summed it all up for me back when I was about 13 years old...I quote: "A hard Johnson knows no racial discrimination"...


Why would it not be racist? Because she's your grandmother? Or because she wasn't calling for the lynching of black folk while she did it? The only way it's not racism is if she had some other reason for doing it, like her arm was tired or something.


I think "casual racism" amoung friends is becoming more prevelant, especially towards Muslim groups in the UK


If you guys want to learn about your own biases, just follow this link and help the continuing study of this at Harvard.




I agree. We're all racits.

Suppose his focus of attention had left with a big fat guy. He probably would have commented on big fat guys.

Suppose she would have left with a small skinny guy...

Suppose she'd have left with someone wearing glasses...

So, it's ok to comment on any aspect of his appearance, but not on his skin color?

Don't you just love it when a big black and white boxer are in the ring, and the commentator introduces them as the one with the white shorts with the black stripe, and the other one with the white shorts and the slightly narrower white stripe...


Also, it's much more important to keep your slumbering racism in check in important matters. When actually dealing with people.

Being drunk would also be an excuse.
Alcohol isn't known for bringing out the good in people.


Do you think that when Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson begin spewing their hateful racist bull crap that they're drunk?

No probably not.....


The difference is their racism is somewhat productive. They try and help, to a certain degree, to bring awareness to racism and to their race in general. It's not all just bull crap. Some of it is, but really how could anyone speak on a certain subject as much as they do and not have at least a portion of it be crap? You can't just always repeat yourself.

As for the general public... Racism is rooted deep in our culture. It will never go away. It can't. Every single person is racist in their own way. Even the pope would probably switch arms with his purse if he walked next to a black guy on the street.


Yes. It's racist.

It's not racist when someone has a personal preference concerning whom they find attractive.

But when they have a problem with someone else's personal preference, and it's based on race, that's racism.


Maybe she was afraid her purse would get stolen.

I'll bet if a couple white members of the Hells Angels walked by she would have done the same thing.

How were the guys dressed? If they were respectable looking perhaps she is a racist.

If they dressed like gangstas she was just taking an intelligent precaution.


I disagree. They try to drive a wedge between the races in order to raise money and live like kings.


That's racist! Even if dressed in full gang regalia, we still should assume that all people are upstanding citizens with no intent to harm us, until proven otherwise!