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Black White on FX


Anyone catch this?

Families exchange races and go out into the world and do things as a newly changed (makeup) white or black person.

It was amazing what they could do with someone's appearance.

I found the time when the 2 men went out shopping a black men interesting. The white guy did not pick up on racisim, yet the black guy did in the same situations.

The part walking the sidewalk was most interesting. The two were walking down a sidewalk together and a family was coming toward them. The family moved to the right to create room for the two to pass as they walked by each other. The real black man said "Did you see that? How they all moved away from us?" the white guys says "Yeah, it happens to me all the time, people move over to make room on the sidewalk, what's the big deal?"

It will be interesting to see how it developes.


This is the white family of three changed.


Yeah interesting I suppose.

I still think Fox is the end all be all as far as trash TV goes. I honsetly didn't watch it so I shouldn't judge without seeing it. I just hope the show has some meaning and lasting impressions behind it. Something to give it worth rather than just trash.


The Shield, Rescue Me, Over There, Nip/Tuck... That's all trash? I'm curious as to what you consider being worth watching...


From what I understand, it isn't just trash. I just hate that I missed it.


Truthfully,I don't give A shit.

Kill your T.V. Rockstar,It will enlighten you to much better things.


Were they better athletes after the tranformation?


Those are all on FX, Fox's subsidiary. None of them are on Fox itself.


hahahaha! I bet the dad put on 10lbs of muscle and automatically improved his jump shot.


Like how to press the space bar after a ","?


No, but they got pulled over for no reason and had a crazy urge to hit the KFC for dinner.


Black.White is on FX, kemosabe. Since that's what the thread is about, let's assume that FX is the station in question.


The title said FOX so that is the channel I thought it was on. My bad. I absolutely LOVE Rescue Me and some of the others on F/X...

Fox on the other hand had the "littlest Groom"...case in point.


This show has the potential to enlighten a lot of people. Some people will see that racism does still exist and others will see that everything that happens to them is not just due to their skin color.

They should send the fake black to the rich neighborhood and see if the police hassle him and then send the fake white to the hood to see if he gets his a** kicked.

Be funny if the brother slipped-up and used the "N" word and got beatdown, kinda like Chris Rock's character in "Down to Earth".


Considering that I watch shows off Tivo, generally later evening with my wife's scantily clad body pressing up against and rubbing me down next to a good fire during "TV" time, I'd say there's plenty of elightenment going on.

FX...Fox....whatever... I just wanted to know what people think of the show and concept.


aww shit i missed it, by the way dont forget shows like family guy, american dad, and.... 24 all come on fox.


With cameras following them around, it's kinda hard to believe it is real. Most of the actions are probably planned, it's just another drama to keep racism rich and alive.


Thank you! We will assume that FX is the station in question even though that's not what the thread title said.


Yeah-not a big deal. Only relevant to the fact that shows on Fox tend to be shitty (except 24) while FX has good shows. I don't know about this one-the concept is interesting; but it could be very cheesy and staged depending how they go about it. And edit it. What does your wife think? Or is she forbidden to take any attention off of you to watch the shows? haha


I haven't seen it,but I'm going to next week,very interested in seeing how it goes.

Btw What about..Family Guy,Arrested Developement,Simpsons,Futurama and House are all on Fox(or were). Actually Fox is the only station I watch,but then again those are about the only shows I make a point of catching so maybe I'm not an authority on TV.