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Black Vote by State



Percentage of African-Americans who voted for Obama:

Alabama 98%
Alaska N/A
Arizona N/A
Arkansas 94%
California 98%
Colorado N/A
Connecticut 93%
Delaware 99%
D.C. 97%
Florida 96%
Georgia 98%
Hawaii N/A
Idaho N/A
Illinois 96%
Indiana 90%
Iowa 94%
Kansas N/A
Kentucky 90%
Louisiana 95%
Maine N/A
Maryland N/A
Massachusetts N/A
Michigan 97%
Minnesota N/A
Mississippi 98%
Missouri 93%
Montana N/A
Nebraska N/A
Nevada 94%
New Hampshire N/A
New Jersey 92%
New Mexico N/A
New York 100%
North Carolina 97%
North Dakota N/A
Ohio 97%
Oklahoma N/A
Oregon N/A
Pennsylvania 95%
Rhode Island N/A
South Carolina 95%
South Dakota N/A
Tennessee 94%
Texas 98%
Utah N/A
Vermont N/A
Virginia 92%
Washington N/A
West Virginia N/A
Wisconsin 93%
Wyoming N/A


Hmm. Well, with the demographic trend, the GoP is probably dead anyways. I wonder if the Hispanic vote turned out for McAmnesty? Did that pay off?


Those numbers are astounding.

100% in New York? Huh? There wasn't a single dissenter?

I guess all blacks share the same views on Obama's, uhh, economic policies. Or something.


The numbers are based on CNN's exit poll. I'm sure it wasn't really 100%, but of those that participated in the exit poll it was over 99.5%, and rounded to 100%.




Hispanic here, and I voted for McCain/Palin


I wonder if they polled the white voters.

Why is the black vote such a big deal? They historically vote liberal in the 90%+ every election.


To really make sense out of that, you need to go back to say Eisenhower and look at how many white people voted for him and how many black people weren't allowed to.


It's important, because historically, a large percentage of blacks doesn't bother to vote.
In this election, they turned out in record numbers.
If they could walk, crawl, or roll over, they made it to the polls.


Right. 50 years ago, they couldn't vote. Now, a black man is president.

If I was black, angry, jaded, and hopeless... I would have done whatever I could to get to the polls.


Overall, white voters were generally split or voted closer along the lines of their states' results.

The big deal is that blacks turned out in record numbers, and between them and young voters they won this for Obama. Why are the youth and black so enamored with him and will any of those reasons change over the next 4 years?

If African-Americans continue to turn out in those numbers and vote that lopsidedly, a Republican will never again have a chance.


Your poll does not show HOW MANY blacks voted - only how many voted for Obama. Like there needed to be a poll taken to figure that out.

If you posted the information in support of how many blacks turned out for the election, I think you posted the wrong stuff.


Ahh..c'mon, really?


Blacks didn't turn out in record numbers. They accounted for roughly 1 in 10 voters, the same as in 2004.




These days people are mixed up so much i wonder when they stop counting races.

They had some professor on TV here commenting elections and how with all groups only white men were voting McCain more than Obama.

I guess in his opinion it was sign of hidden racism or something,yet he complectly forgot that probably even higher percentage of black men were voting Obama.



Black, white, hispanic, etc.. anyone who voted for Obama for the simple fact that they wanted to see the first black president is a complete moron & is exactly why racism continues and will continue. 90%+ of the black community voting for Obama tells me that lots & lots of black people who have never had the insentive to get out and vote simply voted just to see the first black president & were not interested in any of his political ideologies.. ladies & gentlemen that is scary to me!!!!!

In closing, im a white American of Cuban descent that voted for Obama. So before you start talking shit i wanted that known.


WTF are you talking about???? Read a newspaper or turn on the tv/radio buddy!


How many whites do you think voted for McCain to NOT see a black man become President ? Same ignorance...and it just proves ignorance has no race.


wow. edit
So your vote for Obama made more sense than others that voted for him as well?? Interesting...well..not really..but go ahead and explain that.