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BLACK This Out!


I find it scary how the media shows nothing about the true numbers in regards to the running for the Presidency for America!



Another conspiracy.


This is as classic a Ron Paul thread as I've seen on PWI. Everything revolving around Paul is a conspiracy. Big banks are controlling everyone, corporatioins are evil....and GASP the media is trying to keep him down!
Behind every problem is a giant conspiracy. Funny stuff indeed.

I am enjoying the heck out of the race this year. If only to watch all of the paulites fade to black when Paul can't get higher than low double digit support. When that happens we are all prepared to say that it's the media's fault. It can't be that a 76 year old man that comes off as cranky and out of touch has anything to do with his low polling....IT'S THE MEDIA!

Dang, this is funny stuff.

Thanks for posting this and confirming what I've been saying about Paul and many of his supporters. Young, naive and really very simplistic.


When someone finishes third in a poll and is not mentioned in reporting what would you call it?


When has he ever finished third and not been mentioned. Name it and I want specifics!




The example of him being third is just that, an example. The video I linked shows the pervasiveness of him not getting a fair shake in media coverage.

It really doesn't matter if you don't like him or his ideas. If he's really ineffectual and wasting his time running for the Republican nomination then he will lose head to head with any other candidate despite getting fair coverage.


Jon Stewart seamed to go pretty easy on him.

I think he felt sorry for the guy.



You proved nothing with that video - NOTHING! I wanted specifics and unless you can give them to me you don't know what you're talking about. He gets a fair shake on every network that I've ever viewed.

From what I've seen and read which ever place he finishes that's exactly how it's reported. He gets no more, or less coverage than any other candidate who finishes as low as he usually does. What you guys want is a big splash every time the old guys shows up and breaths, It aint happening. Here's a clue the real world is not in love with him the way you are so however much coverage he gets will never be enough to please you Paulies.

You guys need to breath the fresh air of reality. Eh..someday you will...someday soon.


Why does the video prove nothing? Why am I a "Paulie"? When have I ever said that I will vote for Ron Paul? How much money have I donated to his campaign? Did I vote for him in the past?


Hmm...why does one isolated video prove nothing? Let me know when you've solved that gigantic rubik's cube junior.


You asked for specifics yet you didn't state what those specifics were. It doesn't matter what anyone does. You will keep moving the goal post so that you cannot be made wrong. All of your post are loaded with ad hominem attacks because you are convinced that age is somehow relevant in the construction of an argument. Do you even know how old I am? Do you know that it's irrelevant anyway?

My questions earlier weren't rhetorical. And you inability to answer then proves that the conclusions you drew were based on false premises. In other words you were making some pretty big assumptions. Do you know what that means?


We all know your stance on Paul, Zeb. This is not any sort of statement regarding his chance at the presidency, but the media bias is CLEARLY evident. 3rd place iowa straw poll. Less than a few votes behind bachman. I watched ALL the press coverage the next day. Not even a mention of Paul. Right after bachman, they went onto Santorum. The debates fare no better with the unabashed 2 man media frenzy. Look up the question and response distributions among candidates.

For as politically astute as you are, those should be obvious indications of bias.


Ron took second place in the Iowa straw poll to Midwest favorite, Bachmann. Paulenty came in 3rd and subsequently dropped out after reading the writing on the wall.


It's not just one isolated video. It is a montage of media bias.

It's obvious that the establishmentarians are very afraid of Ron Paul's message. It threatens their very base of existence. They know they cannot criticize him on his consistency so they call his ideas loony, laugh at him, or just ignore him altogether.

They think if they pretend he is not in the room they will not have to compete with him.


Either that or they discount him for the way that he speaks, acts and some of the nutty things he says. Hmmm...which is it?

Compete with him? Here's a clue, they're competing with him and BEATING HIM. Most of the country either doesn't know who he is or they've seen him and don't like him. Facts suck don't they?

You guys are on some sort of Ron Paul Koolaide-- LOL


Between those two choices I would have to say that it's most likely because they are afraid.


ZEB - Rather than belittling a man who cannot defend himself in this media (Paul), please tell me your choice in the running for President? And why?




Quoting your own thread proves what? You spend massive amounts of time and energy critiquing someone who stands for far more than you could ever even dream of?

You're right, it does! gol