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Black Teen Shot by Neighborhood Watch



This guy is not going to have a good time in prison.


These stories always leave out a huge hunk of what went down so it's hard to comment. But it sounds like a guy with a CCW just plain Fucked up.

If the kid was a threat to his life yeah, if the kid was coming thru his window maybe (we are not mind readers he could be coming in to kill me not rob me) so Bang bang.

But to get out your car and shoot a kid with skittles and ice tea for standing on a corner.... Mmmmmm well that is a stretch.

Now the cops must have had a reason for not taking CCW watch captain in so I would like to hear why?


I don't feel sorry for his disgusting racist ass.
Fuck him. And HARD.


x2 pretty fucked up

gated communities FTL




Oh he got much worse when the cops picked him up for riding a donkey in the wrong part of town.


Yeah, because of the No Donkey ordinance posted for Palm Sunday.


I am only surprised we don't see more of this. Gated communities are shit. Night Watch got scared because he saw black guy walking in "his" neighborhood and actually shot him. No weapons. Maybe the twitchy racist guy with the gun shouldn't be the neighborhood watch.

I mean, at least have the decency to hire a racist old white woman so she can stare out her window at you all day taking note of who comes and goes since all black people are criminals.

You'll have to excuse me....got a bit personal there.


Although we don't have all the information; I think we all know what probably happened. Very sad. I hope justice is served.


Clearly the kid was a threat, i mean if he stuffed thoses skittles down that poor white guys throat he could have died of diabetes in 15 years


Well, this young man was an obvious threat. I mean, have you ever seen skittles before? They are a rainbow. Yes rainbow of colors. And, as we all know, the rainbow is the symbol of the gay and lesbian community. He was obviously attempting to turn his brother gay through the introduction of a rainbow treat. And, we all know that once he turns, his brother will want to marry another man (gag). Gay marriage is a threat to the American way of life.

This has nothing to do with race sheeple. Wake up or the dumbocrates and lamestream media will destroy us all!

Deflection. Am I doing it right?


I just want to say that nobody was there.

Who knows what happened.

Maybe the guy was racist and questioned the kid for no good reason and the kid gave empty threats, creating the perception of a threat the neighborhood watch took seriously.

And before "everyone said he was a good kid", my mom and her neighborhood friends would say that too.

And gated communities aren't shit. They are just neighborhoods with gates.


Which would totally prompt shooting him in the chest, amirite?

Goddamit. I swore I wasn't going to comment, but you always bring out the turd in me, HG.


Messed up, sometimes I'm very glad firearm possession is generally a non-issue over here.

that lawyer needs to get his metaphors straight though, elephants weigh alot more then 600 pounds..


See here... I would think that you would be happy that being a douchbag and saying dumbass things isn't punishable by death.


Well a perceived threat is a threat. As long as we are playing the conjecture game, maybe he threatened to kill the old man, in which case, yes, a shot in the chest was justified.

Furthermore, had the story read "teen...." instead of "black teen....", the conversation would have a different tone altogether. There is no real indication of racism.

Only projected conjecture, which is more telling than the story itself.

Veiled and even unrecognized racism showing up again, amiright?


Yeah, cuz all you sad sacks would be dead.


LOL. Yes, I do believe the "perception of a threat" is pretty clear.

Kid had no weapons. Unless Night Watch guy is going to claim he was assaulted, this is bullshit profiling and racism. He called 911. Why did he get involved after that?

Gated communities are shit because of the "elitism" like this. You step in if you see someone breaking into a house.

You don't step in because someone is walking to a house.


In my gated neighborhood we know all the black residents because they're all of one household.


LOL. I am betting that is exactly what Night Watch Guy said right before he fired.