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Black Teen Shot 4



According to WSJ, Zimmerman to be brought up on charges.


This was a given when the special prosecutor elected not bypass the grand jury --- she did not to avoid the strong possibility of a "no bill" from the grand jury.

The hope is to get Zimmerman to cop a plea to avoid a trial that they would inevitably lose, and which would result in race riots.

I predict involuntary manslaughter with some jail time.


Oh politics.


Do you think that Zimmerman will actually accept a plea bargain? I know he is having some emotional problems, but I would think he would know enough by now to realize he has a good chance to beat their charges.


According to this, it will be second degree murder. The press conference is at 6.

EDIT: Zimmerman turned himself in when the announcement was made and is in custody.


Sure, that's the "charge." The "plea" will be involuntary manslaughter.


This view would be more likely if his lawyers hadn't jumped ship I'd think.

I'd say the Grand Jury is used most often in the reverse of the way you insinuated above. It is generally fairly easy for the prosecutor to have them find for a trial if they want, but it gives a convenient means of letting a politically unpopular case not have to go to trial by simply not performing that vigorously.


The decision to charge Zimmerman comes a day after his lawyers said they could no longer represent him because their client had not returned their calls in days.

The lawyers, Hal Uhrig and Craig Sonner, also said their former client had fled the state of Florida.

Martin's family has raised concerns that Zimmerman could be a flight risk, but Sonner told NBC's "Today" show Wednesday that he believed Zimmerman would turn himself in if charged.

Read more: http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/news/2012/04/11/george-zimmerman-faces-second-degree-murder-charges-official-says/#ixzz1rm9xHABY



So he wasn't charged with a hate crime?


No insinuation at all. I said it. They need to put on a show trial or get a plea to placate the mob.

Exactly why a "no bill" would result in race riots, even if the prosecutor did her level best.

(And why they skipped this step.)


He will face 2nd degree murder.



He's already turned himself in. Apparently, he was out of state, but in contact and already told the prosecutors he'd come back ASAP ---- there are, after all, death threats and a bounty on this guy.

If he was smart, he'd have flown to Peru and not come back because he "can't get a fair trial."


Well I found it interesting moreso because his lawyers abandoned him


I think there would be no way the grand jury wouldn't indict. I don't necessarily buy her excuse for not going that route either.

This guy doesn't have enough cash to be an expatriate. While they won't extradite you they don't want your sorry ass unless you are rich or have some special skillset.

I am curious who steps forward as his lawyer. Third party representation usually gets a bit more scrutiny.

If they could find a jury for the alleged kid killing mother, they can find one for this guy.


He's an idiot who won't call them, but will call the prosecutor and Shawn Hannity.

I'd fire him, too.


I'm so happy I wanna cry but I keep smiling!! :slightly_smiling: :slightly_smiling:

I just hope that there will be success in the conviction. Nearly 2 months... 2 fucking months it took to see Killerman finally charged. At least now, Trayvon's parents must be relieved their son's killer is no longer free.

This is step 1 in the JUDICIAL PROCESS and I'm glad that charges have been be filled. Now, bring on the trial.

I would have preferred murder 1 or manslaughter but nvm, Murder 2 will do for now. And going by the current facts out there, I've got the feeling the Murder 2 Charge will be reduced to Manslaughter, which would still carry the maximum sentence of 30.


I think going for second degree murder was a big mistake. No jury is going to find Zimmerman guilty of second degree murder....you throw out possible manslaughter charges..which was a strong possibility only to pursue a charge that has no chance of sticking??? It's all political. They charged him with something so they can say they brought him up on charges so riots won't start...but they'll start anyway because Zimmerman will wind up walking without spending any kind of jail time whatsoever. I hope I'm wrong, but with the possiblity of riots happening in the event this scenario plays out, this won't end well.


I too forsee riots. I don't think it will end well either, mostly for a handful of overly exuberant rioters.


I agree with the murder 2 charge. One thing went through my head; Casey Anthony case. The jury pool was so tainted with the media hoopla, and, she ended up walking free. I fear this may happen with Killerman. But let's hope the charges are reduced to manslaughter.


Mission accomplished. The angry mindless lynch mob has been satisfied, now we all that needs to be done is finish this charade of a murder trial and let Zimmerman go.